Monday Mood Board #7

Wonders of the World 

We cannot start talking about all the natural wonders of the world without a shout out to WONDER WOMAN!  I mean; c’mon….what girl did not want to embody the image of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman?   So having said that, I don’t know very much about the new movie (not starring Lynda Carter) but I’m willing to go see it with my sis.  Because WW gets things done.

It’s never too late to start a mantra!

There must always be something to celebrate – how about just living?

This is an older photo from my scuba days in Jamaica.  I wore stripes so that the angel fish would think I was one of them.  But they knew I was no Angel.  Clownfish maybe?

Monument Valley, Arizona must be one of the most natural spiritual settings on earth.  I took this photo on one of our glamping trips.  It’s also the setting for many John Wayne old spaghetti Westerns.

These are somewhat thought out random posts.  Because like you, my mood always changes!  Welcome to the week.

words…..up in the AIR

 Alphabet Earthdream1

Can you guess where these were taken?dream2

These natural images taken from the air by Rock Whitney, a renowned Commercial Pilot, Filmmaker and Photographer, are some of the coolest things I’ve come across in a long time.

They can be framed

They can be framed

From images seen above the lower mainland of Vancouver, British Columbia.  They make great gifts.

Have your name framed

Have your name framed

A portion of Alphabet Earth sales are donated to environment and animal causes that are dedicated to protecting the earth’s wildlife and their habitats. Protecting life on Earth – protects our own. Visit link: