Monday Mood Board #7

Wonders of the World 

We cannot start talking about all the natural wonders of the world without a shout out to WONDER WOMAN!  I mean; c’mon….what girl did not want to embody the image of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman?   So having said that, I don’t know very much about the new movie (not starring Lynda Carter) but I’m willing to go see it with my sis.  Because WW gets things done.

It’s never too late to start a mantra!

There must always be something to celebrate – how about just living?

This is an older photo from my scuba days in Jamaica.  I wore stripes so that the angel fish would think I was one of them.  But they knew I was no Angel.  Clownfish maybe?

Monument Valley, Arizona must be one of the most natural spiritual settings on earth.  I took this photo on one of our glamping trips.  It’s also the setting for many John Wayne old spaghetti Westerns.

These are somewhat thought out random posts.  Because like you, my mood always changes!  Welcome to the week.

Monday Mood Board #2

The Destination

Photo: Fresh


The Table Setting

Something bright for a Spring brunch

Ideal Ridemoodboard8Foot Jewelry


Admirable characters, clothing, cars.

To Catch a Thief (1955) starring Cary Grant + Grace Kelly

Him: What do you expect to get out of being so nice to me?

Her: Probably a lot more than you’re willing to offer

Feel-good Friday: Let the Sunshine In

What a difference a day makes!

Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower – Hans Christian Andersen

Good Show yesterday at the Kitsilano Showboat.

Jia Jia had something to smile about – a sunny day with no dog police in sight!

And he could have run all day!

If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm – Frank Lane

Photos: d. king


SUNday FUNday – Unleashed!

Giving thanks for the many ways God’s creatures’ enrich and bless our lives

Cher & Trigger

My friends Cher & Trigger 

I took my dog to church today for “blessing the animals.” He enjoyed the outing but I don’t think he’ll be begging to go back.  People brought their dogs, a cat and someone brought a stuffed chicken.

Jia Jia with my friend Colleen

Jia Jia with half of my friend Colleen

We are not religious but we can be spiritual.  If we had to choose a religion I think we’d consider ourselves to be Foodists above everything else.  Nevertheless a little churchgoing never hurt anyone and I have to give thanks to my furry little friends for keeping me safe and sane.  I really believe we are of service to each other and I can’t imagine life without them.

Tammy's Terrific Trio

Tammy’s Terrific Trio

This world can sometimes be a terrible place but animals make it better.  It’s a known fact that animals provide therapy and taking them to senior’s homes and prisons helps to calm people and make them happier.church2

Here is a little excerpt from a prayer called “Blessing the Animals”

Bless these creatures who come to us as a blessing

Fashioned of fur or feather or fin,

Formed of flesh that breathes with your own breath,

Bless them who can’t themselves

Around our hearts who twine themselves through our days

Who companion us in our labour

Who call us to come and play.

Bless them who will never be entirely tamed

And so remind us that you love what is wild,

That you rejoice in what lives close to the earth,

That your heart beats in the heart of those creatures

chuchchurch10You have entrusted to our care.

Can you really envision a world without animals?  I can’t!

I’m blessed to have Jia Jia & Jack (on occasion) in my life plus all the other neighbourhood animals that come around from time to time.

I met another Preast.  Her name is Tammy (below) and she has a company called “Love on a Leash” which provides trusted dog care services with a DogSafe overnight and vacation care environment, first aid and daily walks (including group walks).  You can visit her at:

At Tartine

At Tartine

AFTER that we  went for coffee & dessert at Tartine Bakery on Davie St.  They were so busy they didn’t even realize there were two dogs inside the cafe. Bless them!

AFTER that I met Mimi from Mélange Home Design and Décor.  Her vision is to encapsulate a certain mixture of luxurious, vintage, and modern organic designs which I’ll be putting on this blog very soon.    A sampling:


Teaser: how can you resist TOM FORD and  especially these stylish coffee table Books?

I hope you had a magnificent weekend.

AFTER that, I walked home

AFTER that, I walked home on a gorgeous summer Fall day.

THANKSGIVING is coming up very soooon!  We have to give thanks all over again.

I’m all for that!

Photos: d. king

contemplating what filters through

INSTAGRAM – welcome to our picture perfect world!

I call it INSTAGRAMification because everyone looks happy, lives well, eats well and plays well.

Life can be so Idyllic!

Life can be so Idyllic!  #nofilters  #lifeisgood  #readytopicnic         photo: d. king

The popular phone app gives us leeway to play with our photos using different filters to brighten or diffuse and colour our world a whole lot brighter (but make sure to use hashtag #no filters if not using any, so it appears even better).  Our world can actually be falling apart but you’d never know it by the photos we choose to post. We’re always busy, popular, travelling to exotic locales or at least eating in exotic restaurants and we want you to see what we’re having for dinner….again!  Yeah I know, I’m guilty of this too.

I drank champagne and ate oysters all summer long

I drank champagne and ate oysters all summer long #nofilters

The wine I drink comes with cute labels. I won't drink lie it otherwise.

The wine I drink comes with cute labels. I won’t drink it otherwise. #bigfatlie

If you think about it for a moment why would we want anyone to see us at our worst? Why not create a fantasy world of perfection?

I wonder if it would make us feel happier or depressed to look at other people’s photos of really plain food (is there such a thing?), waking up first thing in the morning (unless you’re Angelina Jolie who I’m sure never has a bad looking day), sick in bed or just getting in your car to go to work (boooring!).

I only swim in salt water pools...a lot by the way #nofilters #havingwaytoomuchfun

I only swim in salt water pools...a lot by the way  #wishIusedafilter  #havingwaytoomuchfun

Maybe we should try it? 

Okay, you go first!  Nahhh…forget it. Let’s keep up the fantasies, the world is a tough enough place as it is (for most of us). Let’s keep up appearances and show everyone the best of our little world! XO

While I take another bubble bath...with a bubbly in hand. Wait a sec...that's not even me - it's my dog! Get outta the tub.

While I get ready for a bubble bath…with bubbly in hand. Wait a sec…that’s not even me – it’s my dog! #bigmistake

Feel-good Friday: lucky dogs!

My therapist has fur and four legs and all I have to do is feed him.

Four dogs, Three nights, Two locations, One great little adventure!

Jack (jack russell), Jia Jia (sheltie) & Max (blue heeler) on Piers Island

Jack (jack russell), Jia Jia (sheltie) & Max (blue heeler) on Piers Island   Photo: d king

Taylor (1 1/2 yr. old Border Collie) & Jia Jia - Prospect Lake.

Taylor (1 1/2 yr. old Border Collie) & Jia Jia – at Prospect Lake just getting to know each other

Dogs enjoying the freedom to run around Piers Island

Dogs enjoying the freedom to run around – Piers Island.  It’s always an enjoyable time with these fellows.  Photo: Mel d’Souza

Jack enjoying the view from his living room - waiting for the boat to arrive with more supplies

Jack enjoys the view from his living room – waiting for the boat to arrive with more goodies. Now he’s just getting over being stung on his behind by a wasp, poor thing.  He might have sat on it.    Photo: d king

Me & my posse

My posse & me at the dog park which is basically the whole island.  Max blends in with the rocks so well that we can only tell it’s him when he sticks out his tongue.  Photo: Mel d’Souza

It’s a Ruff Life


“I hope Jack can’t swim”     Photo: d king

Have a great weekend with your posse!

A look at Jack & Jia Jia on Pinterest:

Link to dog park picnic with Didi (almost one year ago):

Feel-good Friday: fun little things

ENJOYMENT from this past week:

Wine & Dine - squinting in the Sunshine

Wine & Dine – squinting in the Sunshine with my good friend Rosa who I met taking tango lessons about 12 years ago.

It has become a yearly tradition.  A birthday celebration and rendezvous between two friends at the same place with a great ambience and view. I’m talking Sandbar rooftop, Granville Island. We talk about everything over a bottle of wine and discuss what has changed in the year since we’ve last been here.  What were we talking about last time oh, I see…the same thing. What has changed? What have we learned? Where do we go from here? How can we improve on perfection. Of course I can’t give you all the details but there’s always lots of laughs.

Photo: Vancouver Sun

Photo: Vancouver Sun

Honjin Sushi dinner (regarded as having the best sushi in Vancouver – definitely one of the top places) in tatami room with adventurous visitors I met in Palm Springs who make their home in Philadelphia but travel all the time.  Nice to meet up again.

Last night dinner at Cardero’s with seven other fun women before Theatre Under the Sky Stars (there were no stars in the sky last night) at Stanley Park to watch the hilarious musical Hairspray (not to be confused with “Hair” or “Shampoo”)  I loved John Travolta in the film version. The play was very entertaining with a talented cast who could really belt it out.

I speak for all women

I speak for all women.     Tank: Bear Dance Clothing (L.A.)

Sometimes I want to be invisible...but it's nice that it matches my beach bag.

Sometimes I want to be invisible…but it’s nice that it matches my beach bag.  Coco’s Closet

And of course these two characters continue to engage me:

Did I surprise you?

They look guilty.  I surprised them.

Outside Market Meats

Waiting patiently outside Market Meats

 “We’ve been sooo good so far today maybe she’ll forget about the snapping at that dog and person yesterday. What do you think she’s buying for us this time?”

You ain’t seen nothin until you WATCH THIS (1 minute video) and you will know why these dogs are SO SPECIAL:

Life is too short not to have some fun.  Enjoy your weekend.

Feel-good Friday: a day in the life

I like to start my day off right

Protein Smoothie

ULTIMATE Protein Smoothie with frozen wild blueberries, organic banana, low fat yogurt, almond milk, flax & chia seeds and the ABOVE (Brad King’s ULTIMATE Fibrelean, Wild Greens & Energy Protein – all Vegan, all amazing.  And a bunch of the littlest mermaids which make it taste all that much better.

Here are some of my latest obsessions:

A pedicure with a totally different colour. Did you know that Tiffany owns the right to the Tiffany blue color? This is very close though.

A pedicure with a totally different colour. Did you know that Tiffany owns the patent for the Tiffany blue colour? That’s why you will never find it. This is the closest I’ve come to Tiffany this week.

Homemade Soap - good enough to EAT!

Homemade Soap – good enough to EAT!

JACK, the Jack Russell Terrier from Thailand who stole my heart and is quickly taking advantage and I’m totally letting him.

He looks so innocent

He looks so innocent

Especially when he's sleeping.

Especially when he’s sleeping

But he can be a little devil. Here he pretends to be a statue.

But he can be a little devil. Here he pretends to be a statue.

Meeting up with a friend Ahhhh...a perfect way to end a day (well not quite, but close enough)!

Feeling bubbly – Rendezvous with a view.

Ahhhh…a perfect way to end a hectic work week (well not quite if you know what I mean, but close enough)!

How do you like to start and end yours?

Photos: d. king