beauty: in the buffing

It’s pretty common at this time of year to experience chapped lips.  It doesn’t feel good and it doesn’t look good when your lipstick flakes because your lips are too dry.

What RED suits you best?
What RED suits you best?

We’ve spoken about face scrubs  before and the importance of exfoliating to keep our complexions looking dewy and glowy and perfect (ha ha) as much as we can.  What about our lips? We shouldn’t forget about them….especially with Valentines Day around the corner.  Get them REDdy!

I’m not so sure if Benefit Cosmetics still sells their lip duo (a balm and exfoliant which I bought years ago and still have –  see photo) which is a natural more gentle exfoliant geared specifically for lips with little beads packed with AHA and jojoba to scrub away chapped lips and dry lines.

Benefit - Dr. Feelgood combo
Beauty with Benefit – tubes of Dr. Feelgood

If you can’t find this product then you can use any regular face exfoliant but don’t rub so hard over your mouth.  It should work almost as well.  It’s just that the little tube from Benefit is so convenient to carry around and for travelling.  I think the cute packaging is what drew me to the product in the first place.

 It really helps to smooth the lips, make them softer so lipstick applies easier and lasts longer and your lips...well they’re much more kissable this way.


That’s what we want!