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Who doesn’t agree that a vibrant topper will brighten up any drab day and make anything else you’re wearing feel more special? 

Photo:  (left to right) Marc Jacobs, Dior, Stella McCartney, Max Mara

  Yes, but I must admit I’m a bit colour shy after having had many a colourful coat.  There was a beautiful long soft leather fuschia (yup – that was an expensive mistake), an ankle length red wool coat, a mid length purple wrap coat and a shorter yellow cashmere coat (It was a mistake letting that one go).  Then I got tired of all the colour, went back to safe ‘go-with-anything’ neutral toppers and stuck with that.  So while they’re not the most exciting choices out there right now I know that in a year or five years from now I can still wear them.  The coloured ones  felt a bit dated…..of course until now.

Club Monaco
Club Monaco – $495.00

Blame the designers.  They draw you in, get you to drop lots of $$$ on every colour out there and then fade back to black.  This year they’re on a monochromatic kick, matching coats to the clothes underneath (I refuse), so pick one vivid hue – whether it be scarlet, taxicab yellow, hot pink or purple – and run with it.  Since you’re dealing with loud shades, keep everything else quiet.  That means clothes with minimal prints, simple shoes and a few accessories.

Bonus – if you end up checking your coat it will sure be easier to find, but why bother?  Why miss a chance to make a memorable entrance?  For me, I’ll check my black/grey/navy/camel coat at the door and wear a vibrant bodysuit underneath….perhaps.

I’m just annoyed that I let go of all my colourful cover ups.

These coats make you welcome the colder weather. Just don’t make the mistake of buying too many.

If you do buy one, which colour would you choose? For me it would be red or yellow or purple or fuschia.

On the RUNway – check this out!

lv3The Stars are STILL Going Crazy for LOUIS VUITTON’s Spring Summer 2013 checkered pattern.

Fashion is continually re inventing itself.  While I do admire Marc Jacobs always ingenious and escalating style for Louis Vuitton, this collection is not my personal choice.  Having the models come down escalators was a fresh & brilliantlv5 touch.

lv1The large checkered print would do nothing for me and I would only get lost in it.  Okay, maybe I can see myself carrying a large LV damier handbag but lv2that’s about it.

While I do really like to wear a plaid shirt with jeans or shorts I’m more partial to stripes & polka dots.  Lately I’ve taken to wearing bird, squirrel & bunny prints – so who am I to talk?

The Plaid Shirt - Garance Dore
The Plaid Shirt – Garance Dore

How about you? NO or Check Mate?check nails

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casual summer style plaid.
casual summer style plaid.