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MINERAL   Eye Shadows =


Glamorous 100% Pure Mica & Minerals FOR THE LOOK YOU WANT

Mica Beauty Mineral Eye Shimmers are extremely gentle, free of any preservatives, chemicals, dyes, talcs, oils or other fillers.  With this unique formula your shadows will look ultra smooth and last for hours without creasing or pulling the delicate eye area.  PLUS they come in over 100 amazing colors from natural to dramatic.  I use them mostly for lining the lids with an angled Mica Beauty eye liner brush just dipped in a bit of water.  Simply put – THE BEST!Eyeshadow

**I will on occasion do other beauty product reviews that are not necessarily mineral based or from this company so when I endorse something from my website it’s because I really believe in it – that it works on a personal level so that I can comfortably recommend them.  There’s so much out there but for natural, mineral makeup that actually stays put and feels good this is it ladies.  Link below:


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