Feel-good Friday: Desert Bloom

Feeling really inspired, full of life, more nurtured and on my way to becoming more fit.  You could say I’m beginning to blossom again (ha,ha).  Well that’s how I feel right now.  And right now is where I want to be…in the moment.

Photo: d. king

Could have something to do with being in the desert, the sunshine and noticing the desert flowers starting to bloom.  Even since one week ago they’ve become so much more noticeable.  If you look between the cracks you can find beauty.

And I’m enjoying hiking around Palm Springs.  There are many varied hiking areas, however these photos were taken on two recent hikes in an area where I can walk to from my place.  In that regard I feel very lucky.  Another beautiful sight on my last hike was seeing for the first time a large family of big horn sheep.  They sprinkle the mountain white.

 It appears that everything is starting to flourish for Spring.  It’s at least a positive force and a force of nature – not to be messed with.

Selfie – a  few days ago with Ramona & Alex.
Photo: d. king
Photo: d. king

So on that note…I leave you with a few quotes to contemplate over the weekend:

There is only “one” you in the bunch. Photo: d. king

I like this quote but I’m staying on the trail.   I don’t mind losing myself but I don’t want to get lost completely.
These guys certainly make their own way and their own rules.  They’ve even disrupted some of the paths but they were here before us so that’s ok.
Photo: Tammy Preast – Josie Johnson Vista
Tammy is an inspiration – she even has a hiking guide book so you can say she goes by the book so to speak.  Plus she’s super fit.  Photo: d. king
Trying to keep on top of things.  Photo: Ramona


Contemplating buying a new helmet or shaving my head

I’ve been thinking about buying a new helmet for my scooter for the past three years now. Most of the ones I’ve come across are geared towards men.

This one shouts
This one shouts “look at me” – why don’t they have a female version or is it androgynous?  Too tough looking for me.
when I died my hair RED
So instead of wearing a helmet I dyed my hair RED to match my MiO

A matching helmet did not come with my vintage-inspired creamsicle looking scooter so I’ve been wearing one that a friend gave me (so that he could buy a nicer newer model) that is all scratched up and doesn’t really suit me.  Mine is ‘real’ vintage but not in the good way. I can have one painted to match (that’s too matchy) or just buy a new one but every time I go to check them out I think the old one is good enough because the newer ones are just as ordinary.  I don’t want something that looks like I’m riding a Harley and I don’t want one that looks like I’m riding a horse either.  Maybe I should create some fashionable helmets for women with scooters?  Or maybe I’ll just buy one of these:

the four variations in the series of ‘custom made helmets’
the four variations in the series of ‘custom made helmets’ – by jyo john mullor

Dubai-based digital designer jyo john mullor has realized a series of helmet designs that appear to leave the human head totally exposed to outdoor elements.  The trompe-l’œil effect brings about the illusion that a series of different people with shaved heads are seamlessly integrated into the plush, yet sturdy protective gear. Four variations include a motorcycle cap with ears and earrings, a simple bicycle style with shaved brunette hair, and a vintage safety hat with attached goggles stretching over the surface of the skin. Although not yet physical objects, Mullor’s ‘custom made helmets’ provide a look at the possibilities of extreme personalization, and would guarantee a double take on the road.

A vintage safety hat with attached goggles stretches over the surface of the skin.  I could go with this.
A vintage safety hat with attached goggles stretches over the surface of the skin. I could go with this.
Now this style appeals to me
Now this style appeals to me.  I even like the colour combo.

What do you think?  Would YOU wear one of these?

Jia Jia says
Jia Jia says “yes” to this Vespa in mint condition with sidecar – but then it would be “what kind of helmet do I get for him?”

Link to my scooter board on Pinterest: 

Source: http://designboom.com                                                                                            all helmet images courtesy of jyo john

Feel-good Friday: water, wine, waterfalls

Impressionistic Photography?

Because I’m not a painter this is the best I could come up with to make somewhat of an impression – this week.  It seems that unintentionally I was on a little bit of a theme.

I've always loved Water lilies.
I’ve always loved Water lilies.
Waterfall Selfie
Wall Waterfall Selfie

The difference between writers and readers is similar to the difference between expressionism and impressionism. Writers want to express themselves and readers want to be impressed.” – Claire Amberkitefestival5I want both!

Mast Reflections
Mast Reflections

20150617_114002Yes, No?  It doesn’t matter – it’s just nice to capture images in general.  AND it’s Friday so nothing else really matters now except for more wine & wine water.  Enjoy your weekend.