Moving forward as another year comes to a close…

Reflections on what 2018 taught me

About Staying Strong: while I lean towards improving overall bodily strength in the new year, 2018 was mostly about building inner strength.  Inner strength will help get you through tough times and give you the courage to move forward.  That, plus a good glass of wine and a hearty laugh.  Speaking of;

My witty friend Michael has this to say about humour: humour is like a tickle with a pitchfork.   The purpose of using humour is about expressing aggression, fear, taboo desires and life’s absurdities in an engaging and entertaining way.

About Feeling it Fully – the good, the bad and the ugly.  Learning to embrace it all whatever that may be.  Staying open. Learning to accept whatever life throws my way has been a happy, hurtful, grateful, sad, sometimes infuriating, overall empowering learning experience.

I like this excerpt from Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change by Pema Chödrön:

You build inner strength through embracing the totality of your experience, both the delightful parts and the difficult parts. Embracing the totality of your experience is one definition of having loving-kindness for yourself.

About Relationships: when you spend more time analyzing a relationship than enjoying it – something is wrong.  But you know what? – maybe we should try to analyze what’s wrong.  Because maybe we can resolve it; or not! If it’s worthwhile it will be resolved. In the meantime….respect is essential and enjoyment is key.  As Oscar Wilde once said:

Never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary.

About Good Girlfriends: always keep your girlfriends close – they are a gift.  They’re the ones who know you, know what’s good for you and how to make you laugh. A good friend will always stab you in the front. ― Oscar Wilde

About Dogs.  No matter what, they never change.  They love you for all that you are and all you’re not.  I aspire to be the person my dogs think I am.

About Life: it’s pretty simple actually….if you keep it simple.  Confucius said: Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated. 

About making a leap:

Most importantly of all, there’s hope, perhaps the most powerful force in life.

Wishing you a Happy Holiday!





Forest of Hope

One Enchanted Evening

L to R: Stacey Harris, Lisa King, Maggie Parsons, Debbie King.
Photo: Stacey Harris
Pretty Prosecco Lady – YES PLEASE!
Top L: Kimberly & Maggie (Colleen’s niece) Top R: Paying tribute to Colleen Kohse on the big screen. Colleen was the longest living heart/double lung transplant recipient in Canada. In fact it was pointed out to me that she narrowly missed making it into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the longest survivor. Nonetheless she was a trailblazer and tireless volunteer in support to patients and families living with CF.  Bottom middle : Larry Kohse (Colleen’s brother) with Debbie King. Bottom L + R:  a pretty forest nymph and greeter with photos and names of young people living with CF.  Photos: Stacey Harris.

It was a bittersweet event at Vancouver’s Fairmont Waterfront Hotel last Saturday for the annual 65 Roses Gala to benefit cystic fibrosis (CF) because of the absence of my BFF Colleen Kohse.  As The Globe & Mail wrote for some, Colleen’s very existence was hope itself. 

CBC TV and radio journalist Gloria Macarenko was the host of this annual fundraiser along with Jeremie Saunders of the Sickboy podcast. Jeremie if you don’t already know, lives with CF.

Gloria mentioned something eerie but special to me at the start of the evening.  She said last April she opened up her phone and the first thing that popped up on her screen without her searching for it, was a photo of her and Colleen from last year’s gala.  Then very shortly after that, a phone call explaining that Colleen had passed away that day.  It does make one wonder.

The evening began with a delicious signature lavender-infused gin + rosemary cocktail, prosecco and full bar.  In otherwords; no lack of alcohol.

Beautiful songstress Amanda Wood started off the evening with a gorgeous rendition of “This is Me” from The Greatest Showman along with help (not that she needed it) from a choir.

We ate a delicious multi course dinner with wine pairings and were able to peruse the silent auction items online as well as outside the ballroom.  Our photographer Charles doubled as the auctioneer for live auction items and did a fantastic job – multi-talented is he.  Entertainment followed which had pretty much everyone on the dance floor for late night dancing.

The 18th annual 65 Roses gala was proudly presented by B2Gold Corp. The evening was of course dedicated to finding a cure for cystic fibrosis, Canada’s most common inherited fatal disease.

Since its founding in 2001, the 65 Roses Gala has raised more than $4 million for CF research and patient advocacy.

We hope to continue to do more so that CF can finally stand for “Cure Found.”


To find out more and/or make a donation please visit:

It’s never too late to…

Act on your dreams.

Be what you want to be (or better still; who you want to be).Change your future.  Sometimes the future makes changes without your consent. Makes changes you didn’t want or hope for.  But you can still make some changes that will make a difference.

Do things differently.

Enrich others’ lives.

Face your fears.

Get out of neutral.

Have fun.

Initiate friendships.

Jumpstart possibilities.

Knock the “t” off can’t.

Live enthusiastically.

Be Nonjudgmental (try, try hard!)

Orchestrate your legacy.

Plan for tomorrow.

Question your priorities.

Reinvent yourself (even if you’re not Madonna or David Bowie).

Stop keeping score (unless you have money on the game of course).

Take a leap of faith.

Uncork your mind (maybe along with a good bottle of wine).

Value who you are.

Wake up your luck.

Explore your spirituality.

Yearn for fulfillment.

Zoom in on love.

Source: Meiji Stewart – A taste of Chicken Soup to Inspire a Woman’s Soul.

Feel-good Friday: Give Thanks

For a little Inspiration from A-Z.  DARE TO . . .

Ask for what you want.

Believe in yourself.

Change your mind.

Do what you love.

Enjoy each and every day.

Follow your heart’s desire.

Give more than you receive.

Have a sense of humor.

Insist on being yourself

Join in more.

Kiss and make up.

Love and be loved.

Make new friends.

Nurture your spirit.

Overcome adversity.

Play more.

Question conformity.

Reach for the stars.

Speak your truth.

Take personal responsibility.

Understand more, judge less.

Volunteer your time.

Walk through fear.

Xperience the moment.

Yearn for grace.

Be Zany.

Meiji Stewart (A taste of Chicken Soup to Inspire a Woman’s Soul)

And some darn cute photos of my pooches.  

Wishing a wonderful Thanksgiving to my Canadian cohorts.






Monday Mood Board #1

Worthy places to see, travel, eat, play, love.  Things to do, wear, enjoy, laugh at + inspire.  IDEAS of the moment…things to cheer you up on a MOODY MONDAY!

Scent of a Woman:

NEW Perfume Museum in Paris

As if Paris isn’t magical enough….

If Willy Wonka made perfume instead of chocolates, his factory would look just like the Grand Musée du Parfum, the new museum of perfume in Paris. Because of course there’s a perfume museum in Paris…and it’s absolutely dreamy. You will step into an unforgettable experience of sense, emotion, pleasure, and understanding.

Located in a stunning Parisian mansion previously owned by Christian Lacroix, the scent-driven exhibits encourage visitors to sniff their way through a far more fragrant culture and history lesson than you probably would have ever imagined—did you know Cleopatra and Louis XIV used scent to woo their lovers?  Now you do.


Just in case you need yet another reason to add the Maldives to your list of swoon-worthy vacation destinations, check out this totally unique dining experience. Guests are taken 16 feet below the ocean’s surface to a glass-domed restaurant where they sample fresh Maldivian-Western fusion dishes—all while enjoying panoramic views of marine life. Just don’t look in Flounder’s eye before you take a bite.  And hope the ceiling doesn’t cave in!

Chic Peek – Street Style

I like what she’s wearing.  Classic white blouse with a dash of glitter & panache.  Very pulled together in an elegant, effortless (so it appears) way.  She looks interesting. And those shoes!

Inspiration: Pure Wow


Feel-good Friday: get inspired

What inspires you?  What makes you feel-good? fridayblog1

Our society embraces the TGIF catchphrase…well at least those who work full time do.  On Monday, Friday seems a long way away, and then Sunday shows up way too soon.  Most working people are doing what they do to make a living and really don’t enjoy  their jobs – or they have horrible bosses (even more horrible than the movie).  That’s the down side of working.  People who enjoy what they do – even they look forward to FridayFriday is just another word for Freedom…for a little while.  Because the next day you get to let loose, wake up late, get together with friends you’re too busy or tired to see during the week, do housework or do nothing.  Any way you look at it – Friday is the most popular day of the week.fridayblog4

So I’ve been thinking about what inspires us to make little changes.  Those of us who get to experience four seasons should embrace the beauty of that.  Summer is easy, we get lazy and don’t want to do very much (at least that’s how I feel) because it’s too too short.  But then we have Fall and it gives us an opportunity to get a little more serious about making changes.  We have to adapt to cooler temperature and begin to hibernate.  Neighbours you see out and about during the summer seem to disappear.  It can feel cold and unfriendly.  But the things I now embrace about Fall may sound a little superficial but that’s okay.  I like to change up my wardrobe, make comfort food which includes lots of soup, have dinner parties, visit a gallery, settle in earlier and watch something good on TV, read more, take a class, learn something new and work a bit harder on some personal matters.  It’s mostly positive.  Winter is winter focusing on holiday stuff…oh, and maybe a warmer getaway & Spring is great because you know Summer is around the corner and then there’s all the cleaning & stuff.  What? It’s a  good excuse to clean your place.  Like the Chinese New Year.  Out with the old, in with the new!  fridayblog3

And around we go… I always loved Merry-go-rounds.  And a dirty martini on the side!




Healthier Lifestyle Inspiration


SO LAUGH MORE! Or at least try to.  Watch a comedy, joke around and find humour in even the worst possible situations.   I did that with a friend last week who was going through something horrible.  It was so bad that I could have made it worse by laughing but instead we ended up laughing over how pathetic the situation was. The end result was she was still in pain…but from laughter.

Right now I’m like: “throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack.”  That’s a great quote but really….it’s true!  Don’t even stand in my way.  But first I’ll laugh about it all.

Because as hard as we try to make things right and turn things around for the better there’s usually a few setbacks and challenges.  I know this from living in general but especially since I’ve become a support person for someone very close to me.  Someone who is fighting to overcome an illness.  And it’s really difficult to see someone who is strong both physically and mentally go through a very weak phase.  Even though it strikes in a physical sense it still wrecks havoc with your mental state especially if you cannot do the things you’re used to doing.  Gotta stay positive because hope is what keeps everything going. But it can get discouraging and depressing nonetheless – that’s life.

A friend told me about a place called Inspire Health in Vancouver.  They are a team of professionals who help provide knowledge, tools and services to support overall health during and after cancer treatment.  Their doctors value standard cancer treatments, and will work with you, your family doctor and oncologist to provide the best cancer care possible.

They offer options for better health and a better recovery.  What’s to lose right?

Because as their website says: Growing scientific evidence confirms that stress reduction, eating a healthy diet, exercise and a positive support network can substantially improve health and well-being for people living with cancer and their supports.


Cancer-Based: from the perspective of the cancer-based model, the patient rarely plays an active role in their treatment or recovery. Since the focus is on the cancer, little effort is expended to support patients in exploring the benefits of healthful diet, exercise, spirituality and emotional support or other methods to enhance the patient’s well-being. Focusing solely on the cancer can leave patients feeling disempowered and unsure about how to contribute to their own health and well-being.

Person-Based: Although surgery, radiation and chemotherapy can play a very important role in treating the cancer, it is the person and their health – mind, body and spirit – that is the focus of care at Inspire Health.

They have a lot of things to take advantage of that you can pick and choose from like:  Counselling,  Gentle Yoga, Practice Meditation, Tai Chi, Acupuncture, Nutritional Learning and Cooking for Health.

And for me, being so on top of things nutritionally (and otherwise) spent part of the afternoon yesterday taking a cooking class on how to make SuperSnacks.  The head nutritionist demonstrated six different recipes substituting what you would normally use for something healthier but equally tasty.  Now the fun part: you get to test everything.

I have to mention at this point that I had already made half the recipes before (I know but I had to say that anyway) but this was NO cooking class for dummies.  It was interesting, inspiring and I did learn something new.  You always do.  I registered for a bunch more.  I want to hear all they have to say about food and learn more about healthier baking, fermented foods,  their version of bone broth and mindful eating in general.  Knowledge is power.

And THAT is no laughing matter!

YOU define what is important to you by what YOU dedicate your time to.inspire1

*An Important Sidenote: Today Jia Jia (my BFF) & I are off to Paws for a Cause – by BC SPCA to help fund cruelty prevention and education programs, and the enforcement of animal cruelty laws. Cruelty to animals needs to STOP now!



Out with the old, IN with the old recreatedvalentine3I often wonder how fashion designers get it together to keep coming up with new ideas for something original and inspiring for every season (including “resort wear” which is considered another season in fashiondom which makes five) and all those nerve wracking make-or-break shows.  Something that will make people excited to want to go out and buy that new shirt right away.  To be “that girl.” Because you know the easiest way to transform yourself is through clothes – if you dress for your mood (not necessarily the occasion).  Sometimes you see something totally wild.  You can admire it (on someone else) but never consider it for yourself and sometimes it’s like….I like it but it’s been done before…again and again (maybe they’ve just added some more buttons, zippers or pockets but otherwise it’s the same).  In any event you must be very creative to keep plugging away at it and try to outdo your last performance.  Just as much pressure as a musician has to come up with a new hit, but not wanting to be totally typecast…….as a

The New World Order - Vintage Alaia Shearling Bomber Jacket
The New World Order – Vintage Alaia Shearling Bomber Jacket (website below)

Designer, Musician, Artist (one who paints + draws), Actor, Photographer, Chef, Writer……(blogger?) and even Politicians (The best reality TV drama going is Trump vs Cruz vs Clinton vs Sanders). I’ve been watching the U.S. debates like any other interested Canadian.

By being typecast I mean restricted to one style (a recognizable signature style such as a Picasso painting), that are the kinds of things that people  “expect” of you .  But even with Picasso, the style may be recognizable but it’s not “always” the same.  You know what I mean.  Maybe you eat the same cereal all the time but one day you put blueberries over top and another day strawberries.  There must be an element of surprise.

In the mad crazy world of invention,  everything seems to be intermixed lately.  Fashion and Art, Art and Food, Beauty and Culture. A designer visits an art gallery and gets ideas for his next collection.  Actors are models, models are actors and regular people are starring in their own version-of-reality TV series.  It’s interesting.

For myself in general, I draw inspiration from everywhere.  People, the media (like everyone else, is a big contributor) through TV, magazines, newspapers, online with other peoples blogs, music, books, stores, movies (amazing ones this season), art, travel, restaurants, nature and on the street. I’m usually more inspired when I’m travelling and things look different and fresh and I’m living more in the moment (which we say we should do but mostly do not).  It’s not only for trying to come up with new ideas for the blog so it doesn’t get stale (I hope) but also in day to day life, in areas like cooking and finding a new recipe for fish or maybe trying out a new running route to keep from getting bored.

As for restaurants, why do you think Cauliflower is having a moment of fame right now trying to outshine Kale in many restaurants? The chefs have come up with some pretty incredible ways of serving it. It’s still the same vegetable but now it tastes so much better.  We never thought of baking it with chilli and lemon before? Hell; I was just taken out to a popular restaurant and they had a delicacy of chocolate covered crispy chicken skin on the menu. When I asked the waiter what happened (like did the chicken fall into the pot of melted chocolate by mistake) I can’t remember but I think it actually did.  In any event, it was a mistake.  But one most people like because it’s new (if you didn’t know that it was chicken, it could be walnuts). And if it wasn’t served cold, it would be more greasy.  Yuck! Not like the intentional chocolate covered bacon many chefs are now serving.  At a party someone brought orange chocolate covered bacon.  Really??  I went off again…but really…

I’m wondering how important any of this is to any of you?  I believe inspiration is a big deal.  At least something else to keep us going, a curiosity towards finding a different way, idea, recipe, whatever…

Isn’t that what life is about?

Some Inspiration when it comes to STYLE:

Portraits by Willy Vanderperre
YOKO ONO – Portrait by Willy Vanderperre

An online magazine featuring interesting women:

The passage of time has been miraculously beneficial for Yoko Ono. While previous generations held grudges and questioned her motives, in the 21st century Ono is cherished for her provocations and wisdom. As a musician and multimedia artist since before the term was coined, Ono holds the rare position of courting a global audience without ever having to compromise her work, which is often wilfully impenetrable.

At the age of 77, Ono continues to think of the long-term, with two forthcoming exhibitions and a recent album, as well as progressing her ongoing project around the world, asking the masses to imagine peace. It is a message from which she will never waver.

Text by Liz Hoggard, Styling by Olivier Rizzo

Shopping Online:

The New World Order NYC

Vestiaire Collective Website:

Shop the closets of fashion lovers from Paris, Berlin, Milan, New York City, and more.  Mix ‘n match high street, luxury vintage and new pieces with Vestiaire Collective.

 St. Laurent Leather Biker Jacket
Vestiaire Collective – St. Laurent Leather Biker Jacket 



The Power of a New Story – The Year of Moving the Present Forward

A New Year – A New Story


I find this timely piece written by Life Advisor Suzannah Galland to be totally inspiring. Galland uses a combination of intuition, numerology, and general “knowing” to help her clients recognize blind spots and acknowledge the truth—which they often already know but don’t want to believe. Below, she explains how we hold ourselves back by clinging to the energy of old relationships and traumas.

The Year of Moving the Present Forward

As another year closes and a new year makes itself known, we’re inspired to reminisce about the past and lay claim to what we want in the upcoming months and years. Yet, when we look back, many of us may find ourselves pretty much in the same place we were in years past—at least in certain areas of our life. We still haven’t met our dream partner, lost those 10 pounds, or risen in our career as much as we’d hoped. We can name our New Year’s resolutions till we’re blue in the face, but if we approach our life the same way as we always have, we can expect the same results. If our results have been disappointing, why not do something different? Why not move the present forward?

Moving the present forward is another way of saying drop the baggage and manifest the life you want. The only way to do this is to work with what you’ve got now—and to keep your head out of the past.

Manifestation is nothing new. The practice of intentionally creating what you want by visualizing it and feeling its energy has been around for thousands of years. It’s not hard. It’s not even time consuming. Yet most of us don’t do it. It’s possible we’re afraid of getting what we want (we might fear that we still won’t be happy). We might not honestly know what we want and, uncommitted, we put out a wishy-washy lackluster energy that peters out before it reaches the universal flow. But more likely than not (as I see this with almost all of my clients), we’re carrying too much of our past with us into the future. Of all the hold-ups to living the dream, excess baggage is the biggest culprit.

Baggage includes all our resentments, self-pity, and victim mentality—all the negative thoughts and beliefs we mutter to ourselves day in and day out. We’re too fat to date an attractive man, we’re too inexperienced to get the job, we failed last time so why try again. Combined, and over time, these thoughts and beliefs create our overall energy—the vibration level we project to the world. Maybe we had a horrid past or maybe we can’t seem to let go of an old love. We harbor these negative thoughts or resentments, and in doing so we lower our vibration level. Over time, we become our baggage. We’re consumed by it.

The Meter

Women have what I like to call creep meters. When a man enters a room or talks to us, we immediately get a sense of whether he’s got good mojo or is stalker looking for prey. We may not always trust or allow ourselves to tune into the reading, but we have it. We’re able to sense, or read, the energy vibration of another.

In truth, everyone has a meter, and we’re capable of reading more than just creeps. We sense when someone’s vibration is strong and in tune with the universe, and these are the people we want to be around. We’re drawn to them. They feel charismatic. We want to be near them. When the creep meter goes off the charts, on the other hand, we’re repelled. We can’t wait to leave the room.

Everyone has an energy vibration, and everyone is responsible for sustaining or strengthening their vibration. We are, in effect, walking balls of energy, showing the world each and every day what we’re made of. Our vibration level is a kind of personal branding. One subconscious feel of our vibration and people sense our authenticity, our mood, and more. We can show up at the table looking and feeling gorgeous and sexy, blindsiding our date momentarily. But we can’t conceal our vibration forever. Once our date sees past his libido, he’ll sense the real vibration. If it’s below his, he’ll lose interest and, sex appeal or no sex appeal, he’s out the door.

If we’re not attracting what we want, we need to increase our vibration. Good, good, good…good vibrations (the Beach Boys)!

High energy is less consumed by past experiences. High vibration people live more in the present. They feel good about life. They don’t dwell for too long on the past, and only reference it when they need information. The people with little or no baggage don’t work harder, they don’t study longer, they aren’t sexier or more beautiful, and they don’t have any special talents. They are pretty much the same as people with baggage, except for a one percent distinction—high vibration people avoid bringing their past into their future. Instead, they move their present forward.

The New Year is the perfect time to resolve to manifest because, coincidentally, the only way to reach this glorious future self is to raise your vibration by taking a short stroll into the fabulous parts of your past. Keep this visit short and sweet so you don’t wander into dangerous territory. You want to intentionally (not as if you were on autopilot) remember an event or a moment that brought you joy or great pleasure. Forget about the painful memories. Don’t even go there. You want to carry the joy forward. Go there and go deep. Smell it, taste it, feel it. Most important, sustain the feeling.

I loved this Vegas show
I loved this Vegas show – photo: d. king

Here is an example of how you could rekindle some passion by reminiscing a kiss.

A kiss says it all. Do you remember that rush of excitement or falling in love in that moment? It just took you time to realize it, but it was all there in his first kiss. His touch told you right from the start he was crazy about you.

The more you do this, the more you will remember what you can have. You develop a certain confidence, a self-assuredness, which is key, and in no time you will feel compelled to voice out loud how you know a love mate is coming in 2016. You’ll have a new story, and, if anything, your mouth will be craving a kiss.

Why does this work? Physics has proved it: The brain doesn’t know what’s real or not real. It knows what you tell it, what you believe, what you feel. So why not take some editorial license to delete what isn’t working and create a heightened, more evolved you?

The Power of a New Story

My client Stephanie is a public relations consultant for a prestigious firm in New York City. “I’m so sad,” she said, sheepishly in our Skype session. “I had just met this guy Rob. He’s handsome with wavy dark hair and his eyes are so intense. He’s exceptionally smart…we couldn’t stop talking about this and that…we had so much in common. We saw each other a few times. I didn’t sleep with him. He’d been texting me all week. The other night we were back at my apartment and he broke out into a cold sweat and chills. He opted to leave and fast…that was Thursday…and now I haven’t heard from him for four days. I mean we were texting every day regularly, and you should see his words to me. I’ve just spent the whole night crying. I don’t know what to do.”

I felt her pain and understood her crisis. To me, it was clear that she was lapsing into her history of pain and rejection. I wanted to help her.

I asked her if she could Skype me a picture of him. No kidding, he was definitely handsome. I found myself magnetized by his soft green eyes. I could see what she saw in him. He was super sexy. I had an overwhelming sense that this relationship was not over. I started to remotely profile him. He was sincere, embarrassed by the other night for sure, and extremely keen on pursuing her. He felt melancholy and removed. Yet, what was stopping him? I had a hit that he was a reactor. By that I mean that Rob was sensitive to her energy. And Stephanie’s energy was consumed by her story of rejection, abandonment, and lost loves. So if he thought of her, he was repelled.

“Stephanie,” I said calmly, “when he thinks of you, he’ll feel your pain. It’s not something he’ll be consciously aware of. But energy travels. It’s more subliminal. I mean look at how you’re feeling now? You’re full of toxic goo. Let’s shift this energy and right now!” I exclaimed boldly. “Let’s create a different story and move this forward to create a better future.” I took a pause. “Tell me how it felt being with him the first night?”

“OMG” she said excitedly. Her smile lit up the screen. “He took me to a fabulous restaurant and brought me a scarf as a gift. He said, ‘I want you to sleep with this tonight and when I next see you, wear it for me. I will smell it and know it will have your scent all over it.’”

I asked her to find the pashmina and wrap it around herself. She was delighted to do this. As our session closed, she looked (and felt) positively radiant.

Within 30 minute she texted me: “Amazing. Just heard from Rob. He explained he was out of town and not feeling well.”

Stephanie was sold. She was focused on creating a new story and understood the ramifications firsthand of carrying around the past in the present.

Letting Go of Your Go-To Story

When the past comes into the present, you become tied to this story—your go-to story. In a sense, you become addicted to this story—to your past—and you end up making history with this unwanted story. If you continue to support that story, it becomes your definition of yourself. You bring it with you. Likewise, you transmit it to others. It comes with you to a romantic dinner, to bed, while having sex, taking meetings—wherever you go, your past sits with you, smack bang in the middle of everyone and everything. The trick is not to let it define you. Even though it happened, it’s gone; it’s the past. It’s no longer your story. Let go of the story and create a new one.

Create a new and better go-to story, and make 2016 an irresistible year.  Happy New Year.

Suzannah Galland is not a typical Life Advisor. Her work combines her innovative MindSense Method™ with compelling strategic and tactical guidance. She uses intention profiling (“both those of the subject, and the intentions of people in their lives”) to give her clients immediate access to their desired results.

Suzannah is a licensed HeartMath coach, and licensed in Kinesiology by Brain Gym®. She also has Management & Leadership training from Cornell University’s certificate program in Executive Leadership.

Lifestyle – the 12 people you NEED in your LIFE

I AM NOT A WEAK PERSON although I can be kind of needy at times.  But at least I’m not alone and Barbra was right…People who need people are the neediest luckiest people in the world. people2

When it comes right down to relationships I heard this quote from a strong woman I met many years ago in New York – designer Diane von Furstenberg:

 the most important relationship you’ll ever have is the one you have with yourself – DVF

However true that may be we do need others to offer support and enhance our lives.  Those who love us, encourage us, guide us, instruct us and assist us. And let’s admit that that is not always so easy to obtain.  So here’s the ROUNDUP of the my twelve most needed people in your life which was inspired by an article written for It’s a lovely life….beginning with:people1

  1. Significant Other or SO (I prefer this term over Spouse, Partner, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, etc.). I’m no role model but I think the journey is a lot more pleasant with someone close by your side.  You don’t have to be married to your SO but it should be as healthy and solid a relationship as possible.  It’s not always easy but when it works out it’s the best thing.  And it helps to have common interests and a comfort zone.  For instance, I don’t smoke and am allergic to smoke so I prefer not to be around someone who does.  Also I’m well aware that many of us don’t have a so-called significant other.  In that case then, a good trusted friend is the next best thing.  Or a dog. Sometimes even better as they offer unconditional love.  At least they don’t talk back and the only smoking dog I knew of in my city no longer exists (it was a French restaurant in Vancouver).  Okay, dog makes the list of people we need! One of my SO’s is very furry!
  1. Family Doctor – You need a good doctor that knows you and your medical history. A family doctor will be able to help you because he knows you personally and knows your medical history.
  2. Dentist – for obvious reasons. Teeth upkeep is of the utmost importance because if we don’t look after them properly our teeth can interfere with our overall health, not to mention the exorbitant cost if something goes wrong.  I make sure to go twice a year for cleaning and general maintenance (sometimes a home whitening touch up too).
  3. Lawyer – No one really wants an attorney/lawyer in their life. The circumstances for hiring a lawyer are rarely pleasant, but not knowing who to call to help you with legal issues is even less pleasant. A good lawyer contact is definitely someone you need in your life.
  4. Counselor/Therapist  for a shoulder to cry on. There are times when you need help. Whether for your marriage, children, life decisions, or just working through your own issues, have a good counselor you can go to who will listen and also give good guidance. They don’t always have to be paid professionals, but a professional counselor would be good too. I’m lucky that one of my best friends just happens to be a professional counsellor however at times we help counsel each other.
  5. Best Friend – You need a good, close friend who knows you in your life. Someone who will laugh and cry with you. Someone who has your back and you have theirs. Best friends don’t have to talk every day, but they know when to step in and be there for you and with you.
  6. Hairstylist (can also double as counsellor or bartender) – An easy way to ruin your day is with a bad haircut. A good hairstylist can put you at ease and help you feel and look great! Finding a new hairdresser is hard.  Just like men/women and dating sites, there are tons of hair salons & stylists out there, but few great ones. Hang on to those good ones! 
  7. Role Model/Mentor (could be your hairdresser?) – Role Models don’t have to be TV stars or superheroes and aren’t just for kids. They can be an older couple with a great marriage who have done a good job raising their kids or someone with drive and success you admire. Give yourself a good role model to follow. Remember: You don’t have to BE them. Just LEARN from them.
  8. Accountability Partner – (could be a best friend or SO) – No one likes to be bugged and held accountable for things in our lives. But sometimes we need someone who will take on the job of encouraging us and pushing us to keep to the goals and decisions we made. They can’t be afraid to confront us when we stop or push us to go a little further then we think we can. Accountability partners can help keep us on track with a new diet, quitting smoking, drinking, saving money, and so much more.
  9. Mechanic – If you have a car, then you need a mechanic. There are so many mechanics out there that either don’t know what they are doing or will charge you for things you do not need. Make friends with a good mechanic! Know that you have someone qualified and reliable to help you keep your vehicle in good working condition.
  10. Handyman (or men) – (aka professional renovator). In my post the other day I mentioned my handyman (Bill) who could repair anything.  To be correct, he’s not mine personally, I selflessly share him with another friend.  But my friend read my post and corrected me: He’s not just a handyman, he’s a professional renovator.  Also, if anyone out there wants him, he’s not available. You may be able to tinker around and beg your dad or boyfriend to help fix a minor plumbing problem or broken outlet. Know a good handyman who can do the big repairs. If your furnace breaks in the middle of winter you will be very glad to have a handyman in your life!
  11. Neighbours (love thy neighbour; maybe not literally) – I’m talking good neighbours and at least one trusted one. One that has an extra key to your place in case of an emergency and who will look out for your place or water your plants and take your mail when you go away. Once I had a neighbour call to alert me that I had left my key in the door.  But again I lucked out because my next door neighbour has become like a member of the family. Many neighbours past and present have become lifelong friends.

Who else would you add to your list of people you must have in your life?

#13 - Dance Partner
#13 – Dance Partner?