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Sao Paulo fashion week
Sao Paulo fashion week with Movimento label –

 Yes, every woman can be fashionable! This is getting to be the easiest part of my blogging week.  The reason being is that simply put, pretty much anything and everything is in Style.  You can hardly make a wrong move.  There are *updated versions of last years styles but I love the fact that you can incorporate almost any print, hemline, sleeve + pant length, color and fabric into your wardrobe for a varied and interesting mix.

Palm springs to wardrobe

Pity the poor designer that must continuously re-invent a previous look.  Have a peek:

Fergie, Katy Perry, Jessica Alba & Victoria Justice.
Fergie, Katy Perry, Jessica Alba & Victoria Justice.
Water Color Prints
Dive right in to Water Color Prints
Floral jacket & jeans - check!
Floral jacket & jeans – check!

*Brazilian beachwear label Movimento kicked off their very first summer fashion show with romantic florals, tropical camouflage and a unique variety of cuts, prints and silhouettes.

Their Inspiration: the counterpoint between the military aesthetic and tropical flowers, birds and landscapes.  With a collection infused with feminine prints, just enough  masculine elements were introduced (army-like buttons and stars, olive green & grey in the  palette) to keep the line fresh with a touch of edginess.

What appeals to you most?