Beauty Biz – no more Bleeding

nobleeding3ARE YOU ONE OF THOSE who right after carefully applying lipstick run out the door only to find out later (when catching yourself in the mirror) that your lipstick has run all over your mouth? Not so attractive right?

The simple solution: A CRAYON. nobleeding

I’m always skeptical about these new products (some work well – others a waste of money) but ended up buying one at Shopper’s Drug Mart for only $14.99 and it seems to work very well for darker shades especially…you know, the ones you definitely don’t want to run.  And it’s very easy to apply.                

This indispensable Secret Lip Liner is new in Canada, first introduced in New Zealand and quickly expanding around the world.  No Bleeding Lips™ Secret Lip Liner stops lipstick and lip gloss from bleeding & feathering, and creates a sheer defined lip shape.

no bleedingThe No Bleeding Lips™ Secret Lip Liner offers a super-glide formula that is soft & creamy ensuring even product deposit around the lips.

It’s waterproof and long-lasting (5+ hours), non-transferable and smudge-proof so you can wear your lipstick & lip gloss with confidence.

Goes with any shade of lipstick or gloss (as it’s clear), especially bright and bold colors, creating a sheer defined shape.

The Huffington Post has this to say:

The Downfalls: There are none. It works — really, really well. The only catch is if you don’t wear lipstick a lot, it may not be worth buying.  If you’re a lipstick lover, you will become obsessed with this product.

Can’t say I’m absolutely obsessed with it but it is useful and worth buying. Just don’t try to get more of the product out by winding it too much – it will not go back.

Have you tried it?