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Designer Michael Kors’s Fashion Principles

Kors with Project runway panel Heidi Klum, Jennifer Hudson & Nina Garcia.
Kors with Project Runway panel Heidi Klum, Jennifer Hudson & Nina Garcia.

“Now that everyone looks like she’s 30, it’s not easy to define rules for how women should dress at different ages,” says Kors.  Kors breaks down the elements of style:

Michael Kors
Michael Kors

Hemlines:  “Supershort skirts should be left to the young or the tennis court.  As you age, it’s more important to consider balance:  If you’re showing your legs, show less on top.”

Cleavage:  “It’s great to show off your best points, but still – leave a bit to the imagination.”

Prints:  “I don’t think you can tell a woman who feels like a million dollars when she puts on a bold, graphic print that she should stop wearing it just because she’s hit a certain age.  Wear what makes you feel beautiful.”

Color:  “The colors that suited you when you were 30 will still suit you when you’re 70.  Your skin tone and hair and eye color are the real question, not your age.”

Fit:  “Your clothes should look as if they were made just for you.  Forget the size tags and get to a tailor.  If you wear skinny jeans and you’re fit, stay true to your style.  And no matter your age, skip the pieces that make you fidget, whether it’s a shoe you can’t walk in or a hemline you have to keep pulling down.”

Jewelry:  “This is the best way to shake up your look at any age.  If you feel less comfortable showing skin, bold jewelry and strong accessories are great ways to play the fashion game.  Be fearless!

Trends:  “Avoid anything that doesn’t feel relevant to your style, but always evolve, or you’ll look stuck in the past.”

As told to Danielle Pergament for Allure Magazine.