Style – I want to “take it ALL”

Shopping after hours –the way it “should” be…at least in my dreams.

after1In my DREAM I picture myself getting dropped off in front of the CHANEL Rue Cambon headquarters in Paris when it is closed for business to everyone else. A dutiful sales assistant anxiously awaits me, then escorts me upstairs so that top models can one by one parade around and model the Private Viewing Pre-Fall cowboy-inspired Collection for my eyes only.

after2In the short video (link below) by Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld I am played by *Lady Amanda Harlech (Lagerfeld’s real-life muse and right-hand woman), who undoubtedly has a fair few Chanel wares of her own.  I think she does an amazing job. This gives an insight into the exclusive world of one of the brand’s VICs (very important customers).  Top American model Jamie Bochert plays the sales assistant.

The Cowboy-inspired collection, which is rich in waistcoats, bow-tie blouses and gold tweeds, was first shown in Dallas last year and the range is dropping into Chanel stores throughout the current month. Please click on link below to get a glimpse: (NOTE: the video might start somewhere in the middle so just scroll right back to the beginning).                                                                           

*Disclaimer – It’s really not supposed to be “me” –  remember, it’s just my dream!  I can be whoever I want in it.  Oh, did you think it really was me???