Style: wearable art

For the LOVE of SCARVESamodeda2Being a scarf person, I love all kinds of scarves in all kinds of fabrics (especially silk) from long enough to wear as a halter to short enough to just tie around your neck. They complete an outfit, help to keep you fashionably warm in the winter or light enough to wear decoratively instead of a necklace for any season. amodeda3What you see here are one-of-a-kind creations from, the brainchild of Elizabeth Schnitzker.  Elizabeth is from Argentina and has lived in Mexico. amoseda4I met Elizabeth at a recent function where not only did she stand out because of her gorgeous blond hair, but the scarf she was wearing caught my eye. Of course it would because it was different. I decided to ask her a few questions for the blog:

How did you get the name for your company and what made you decide to get into this business?

ES: Amoseda means Loving Silk. I fell in love with it 23 years ago when I was living in Germany. I love the feel, the interaction with the dye and paint, the totally involved process it is for me to finish one piece. It takes a lot of hours and love to have that special one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art completed. I love to see people finding the right one that suits their needs or the gift that will be given to that special loved one. Go figure, it can be mailed in an envelope! That was my key point for selling out last year at Christmas time.

That’s fantastic. Tell me more about your creations?

ES: This is an affordable luxury line, for customers who understand the craftsmanship of a one-of-a-kind design done on natural fibres shawls and scarves. Dyed, painted or both, the products used are European paints, local dyes and Indian Indigo of the highest quality to ensure the designs resist time, sun, washes, traveling and a lot of wear and tear from somebody who loves the piece and takes it from day to night, from casual to dress up and city to country to beach and the moon.
These scarves are conversation pieces, and something that transforms any given outfit.
Versatility, comfort, quality, are some of the words that describe Amoseda products.
My customers honour their uniqueness and that’s why chose to have a different accessory piece that makes them stand out in a stylish way.

Do you do custom orders?

ES: Custom-orders are available upon request for clients that desire a particular palette of colour mix, design, size or need it for a special occasion and would like that to be reflected on the scarf. Bridesmaids shawls are one of the examples.

Do you ever do repeats?

ES: I can repeat motives, but they will never look exactly the same, as the designs are not printed, they are individually painted and I don’t use anything other than my brushes and inspiration to develop them.

So the customer is really getting something unique. Do you plan on expanding the line?

ES: Currently I am developing a line for men in organic cotton, bamboo, silk and cashmere that will be dyed with natural Indigo, on top of the dyed and painted on silk.
Ties are being tested. Looking forward to see my line expand into formal wear as well.

Are they made entirely of silk and where do you import from?

ES: 100% Silk and silk blends as well as cashmere and cashmere blends are directly imported from Germany, India, Vietnam, Nepal and Thailand as well as China. Customers will find pashminas, thai silk, noil silk, habotai, silk velvet, linen and silk blends as well as silk cashmere and pure cashmere.

But you design them here in Vancouver?

ES: The designs are entirely done in Canada, and shipped internationally.

How about cleaning? I once had someone spill red wine on a beautiful beige pashmina which luckily was able to be drycleaned.

ES: I love Mother Nature as well and that’s why all the shawls are hand washable. No need to dry clean!




Product photographer: Andres Velez Posadas –  Logo and website: Pablo M. Margain

style – timeless TWILLY

twilly6twilly2Hermès Twilly – a timeless classic.

Good enough for Grace
Good enough for Grace

These versatile  silk scarves are beautifully printed on both sides and so easy to wear. It’s longer in length much like a tie and stitched

Chic Headband
Chic Headband

on both sides.

They have a playful side.  A ladies necktie?  A silk bracelet?  A chic headband or ponytail holder? Many tie them to their handbags…even if they’re not Birkins.twilly3

Tied to a Birkin
Tied to a Birkin

It is one of my favourites from the famous french house of style. Now they have a longer version – called the maxi twilly but I prefer the tinier original.  twilly5And who can resist the little orange box?


What is your

favourite Hermès silk scarf?