style – timeless TWILLY

twilly6twilly2Hermès Twilly – a timeless classic.

Good enough for Grace
Good enough for Grace

These versatile  silk scarves are beautifully printed on both sides and so easy to wear. It’s longer in length much like a tie and stitched

Chic Headband
Chic Headband

on both sides.

They have a playful side.  A ladies necktie?  A silk bracelet?  A chic headband or ponytail holder? Many tie them to their handbags…even if they’re not Birkins.twilly3

Tied to a Birkin
Tied to a Birkin

It is one of my favourites from the famous french house of style. Now they have a longer version – called the maxi twilly but I prefer the tinier original.  twilly5And who can resist the little orange box?


What is your

favourite Hermès silk scarf?  

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