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Harry Benson: Shoot First harrybenson1

Now here’s a documentary for those who adore art, culture, music, fashion, politics, celebrity & larger than life celebratory,  astonishing and horrendously shocking legendary moments in time.

Saying that Scottish photographer Harry Benson is a Zelig-like character who’s witnessed every major cultural and political event of the last 50 years is not an exaggeration. Here’s just a partial resumé of the man’s astounding life: he arrived in America with the Beatles in 1964 as a photographer for their American tour (he took the famous photo of the Beatles’ hotel room pillow fight); he has photographed every American president from Eisenhower to Obama; he was just a few feet away from Bobby Kennedy on the night Kennedy was assassinated; he was alongside Martin Luther King, Jr. on the Meredith march and attended his funeral; he was in the room when Nixon resigned; he was there when the Berlin Wall went up—and when it came down; and he has taken iconic fashion photos for the likes of Vanity Fair, Paris Match and a half-dozen other magazines.

Benson, now 86 and still working, certainly deserves the wonderful tribute offered here in Matthew Miele and Justin Bare’s fascinating portrait. Featuring testimonials from Sharon Stone, Alec Baldwin, Donald Trump, Piers Morgan, Dan Rather, James L. Brooks, Henry Kissinger, Ralph Lauren and Joe Namath among others, the film reveals that Benson is not only a globetrotting legend of the photography world but that he’s also a nice guy!



Source: VIFF  M/A/D | Style in Film

STYLE in Film – with IRIS


IRIS Apfel
IRIS Apfel

I am so going to see this documentary!  I’m sure it will be rated right up there with other favourite arty ones I really enjoyed like Herb and Dorothy, Searching for Sugarman  and Valentino: The Last Emperor

With more than a dash of eccentricity and over 75 years in fashion and interior design, Iris Apfel is an inspiring life force well into her ninth decade.  She’s strong, quick-witted and always flamboyantly dressed.  Iris retains her enthusiasm for life in fashion, art and people.  What I admire about her is that she’s completely unique – true to herself with good values and work ethic.  Sadly there are not enough women like her.

Iris says:

About her style: “I like to improvise”

“Someone told me you’re not pretty, you’ll never be pretty but it doesn’t matter, you have something much better – you have STYLE!”  I couldn’t agree more.

“It’s better to be happy than well dressed”

“I feel lucky to be working.  If you’re lucky enough to do something you love, everything else follows.”

A woman is as old as she looks, but a man is never old until he stops looking

Watch the clip: and if you’re the least bit into style (of course you are, you’re reading this) then GO SEE IT!  I know I can’t wait to.images (1)

From the Director of Grey Gardens (I thought it was excellent) and Gimme Shelter – Albert Maysles

Two years ago I posted about Iris: