STYLE in Film – with IRIS


IRIS Apfel
IRIS Apfel

I am so going to see this documentary!  I’m sure it will be rated right up there with other favourite arty ones I really enjoyed like Herb and Dorothy, Searching for Sugarman  and Valentino: The Last Emperor

With more than a dash of eccentricity and over 75 years in fashion and interior design, Iris Apfel is an inspiring life force well into her ninth decade.  She’s strong, quick-witted and always flamboyantly dressed.  Iris retains her enthusiasm for life in fashion, art and people.  What I admire about her is that she’s completely unique – true to herself with good values and work ethic.  Sadly there are not enough women like her.

Iris says:

About her style: “I like to improvise”

“Someone told me you’re not pretty, you’ll never be pretty but it doesn’t matter, you have something much better – you have STYLE!”  I couldn’t agree more.

“It’s better to be happy than well dressed”

“I feel lucky to be working.  If you’re lucky enough to do something you love, everything else follows.”

A woman is as old as she looks, but a man is never old until he stops looking

Watch the clip: and if you’re the least bit into style (of course you are, you’re reading this) then GO SEE IT!  I know I can’t wait to.images (1)

From the Director of Grey Gardens (I thought it was excellent) and Gimme Shelter – Albert Maysles

Two years ago I posted about Iris:


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