the weekend

Summer Vibes

Jericho beach during Vancouver Folk Festival –  d. king
Taken at Jericho beach – d. king
Folk Fest Fare – d. king

Girls Night Out at the Victor restaurant located at Parq Vancouver Hotel & Casino

SHEnanignas with Anik, Tamara + Jolie. SATC remake: singles & the city.
I made a beeline for the wallpaper but I’m no wallflower. Photo: Tamara Gauthier
Love this city – d. king

with Charlie. Photo: Tamara Gauthier

Feel-good Friday: It’s here!

SUMMER has officially arrived in all its sunny glory.  Here is how I celebrated the very first day.

Not exactly diving into the first day but still enjoying the pool and wondering where have all the ducks gone?
A girly get together for another birthday celebration. L-R Sylvain, Louise #2, Rosa, Louise #1 (birthday girl), hostess Colleen (in her stunning  garden).
Rosa & Jia Jia.  I’m so relieved he didn’t jump fall into the pool like he once did in Las Vegas.

Louise, Colleen, mango cake & local strawberries
 Shady Lady Selfie (RAEN, LA Durante Sunglasses from Summer Box of Style; yeah! – gotta get my plug in)

How did you celebrate?

Photos: d. king


Feel-good Friday: pools, parties, pizza

Please…….give me just a few more weekspool4

I’m prepping for a friend’s pool party.  Trying to become bikini-bod ready and perfectly tan in time is just too stressful, so for now I’ll focus on some fun things to enjoy around the pool.  Like:

FLOATS for Foodies

For Pizza Lovers
For Pizza Lovers
Chocolate Covered Pool Pretzel - Macy's
Chocolate Covered Pool Pretzel – Macy’s

FLOATING Pool Traypool5

For those who do wish to enter into the deep end, fashion a raft for food, drinks, magazines or summer reads.  But proceed at your own risk–your guests may never (ever) leave. Yeah; one guest being me.

Now for something so deceptively simple:

Watermelon ice cubespool2

These frozen fruit cubes are subtly sweet, completely refreshing and–best of all–require only one ingredient. From sparkling water to sangria, they’re a no-brainer way to upgrade your summer drinks.

What do I need? A seedless watermelon, a baking sheet and a freezer.

What do I do? Cut your juicy, seedless watermelon into cubes and lay them flat on a baking sheet. You can add a drizzle of sugar or a sprinkle of mint or basil. Put the baking sheet in the freezer for about three hours, or until frozen. Then plop the watermelon cubes into a plastic bag to store them.

That’s it? Yep. Add them to your drinks for a hint of fruit, or eat them plain–these one-ingredient wonders are just as satisfying as ice pops.  Remember them? Those little plastic popsicle trays that you fill with juice and you can even spike them.  Just saying…

Perfect Poolside Pleasure.  Cheers!