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Advanced Style with Tziporah Salamon

Photo taken from her website.  Check out Look Book below.
With Tziporah wearing my Emilio Pucci blouse from Mitchells Palm Springs.

What a pleasure to meet and chat with celebrated fashion icon Tziporah Salamon at the Curated Vintage Event in Palm Springs this past weekend. The event is a yearly gathering of prime vintage vendors of fashion and jewellery under one roof from all over the United States. Tziporah was also a guest speaker of Mitchell Karp’s (of Mitchells Palm Springs – premium vintage clothing and accessories) annual Modernism fashion show at Temple Isaiah, a midcentury modern structure .  This time celebrating 1969 Academy Award style. Always a fun event.

Whether hailing a cab or riding a bike, always the style maven.

Photo taken from her website
Photo taken from her website

It was very easy to spot Tziporah at the event (photos don’t lie although for myself, sometimes I wish they did).  I bought her book “Advanced Style” which she warmly signed for me.  The beautiful hard covered book celebrates individual, ageless, timeless style for women of every age but focuses mostly on ageing women.  Her personal style might be a tad eccentric for most people, although she demonstrates how to put together beautiful outfits to help women find their own personal style. She tailors it to the individual. She also takes women out of their comfort zone as she herself is a chameleon and an artist.  Her originality elevates the act of dressing to an art form whether she’s styling herself or others.

Through dressing and your mood, you can re-invent yourself every single day. Let’s face it, we have to get dressed every day anyway. Fashion may not be your whole world, but it sure makes your world more fun.

Tziporah was a favourite muse of the late New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham. She is regularly photographed in the New York press and teaches style seminars titled “The Art of Dressing.” She appears in the book and documentary “Advanced Style” and in Lanvin’s advertising campaigns.  Salamon appears regularly in her one-woman show, “The Fabric of My Life,” a sartorial visual autobiography. She is absolutely delightful and an inspiration.

 “Tziporah is a combination of entertainer, genius, artist,  archetypal Magician, a flash of Pierrot, 1920’s glamour, with Asian flair, timeless beauty and the energy and fun of a Hummingbird…”

It’s fun to be fearless at times and discover a different side of yourself.  Tsiporah brings out the muse in all of us.

I am my own muse, the subject I know best – Frida Kahlo

Tziporah’s Lookbook:

Check out her Advanced Style on YouTube:


style: the ART of dressing



Crossing the line between fashion and art becomes more blurred when we look to the current examples of how fashion is presented, evident on the Spring/Summer 2014 runways.artstyle10

There are moments when designers become artists, artists become designers, or both entities becomes something different entirely.

artstyle11The key differences: fashion is, by its nature, a fleeting thing. You’re in fashion one moment, and out of fashion the next. A good work of art should stand the test of time, not the test of taste.  Art and fashion do sometimes fuse, with mixed degrees of success.artstyle1

The genre of fine arts and fashion design bare the affect of trend and social temperature, but their changing relationship to one another is also reflective of society as a whole. Perhaps some collaborations are more successful than others, but what is primarily important is the dabbling, the mixing, and fantastic results that come from the imaginative play of the creations. Furthermore, designers are always pressured to come up with something fresh for all the different seasons.  I think there might be five seasons now, if you consider RESORT as one.  artstyle7

You can decide from the images shown on this page what and how you would integrate this look into your wardrobe.  Let’s have some FUN!artstyle4

artstyle6Are you an Artful Dresser?artstyle1 (2)artstyle10photoEerikMadiga

I love this Chanel purse that has the address of the design house
I love this Chanel purse that has the address of the Paris design house.

the ARTful nail - as seen in Allure Magazine.  Who has the time?
the ARTful nail – as seen in Allure Magazine. Who has the time?