Design Folks: locally made jewellery & accessories

I rode my bike over to the Vancouver Folk Festival yesterday at Jericho beach.  


festival5The music sounded great and I always love wandering around to see what the local vendors are selling.  Among the usual woven hanging baskets, blankets, sarongs, tie-dyes and pipes there are a few fresh surprises.

A necklace caught my eye because instead of the clear pink semi-precious stones (slightly squared off) being incorporated into a silver chain it was done with gold.  Simple,casual, elegant.  Margot, the friendly designer behind “Soulstones” told me the meaning behind the Rose Quartz stone I’m attracted to, and I like it even more now:

  • Self-love
  • Protection
  • Peace, happiness, gentleness
  • Healing lore: for emotional wounds & the heart (I need this stone).
  • There are several more suggestions but the above is what appeals to me.?festival1

20150718_141039Camille from “Dark Anachronisms” (in the striped shorts) makes vintage-inspired hats and hair/hat accessories.  I especially like the flower crowns, not so much for wearing alone on my head (it’s a really young look) but for decorating a hat in place of a scarf.  Very pretty and well detailed. You can picture an image of bridesmaids and angelic looking flower girls wearing them.20150718_141046

Where to buy: 


Hats/Flower Crowns/Fascinators

Photos: d. king

I love the natural way this jewellery is displayed
I love the natural way this jewellery is displayed
Backdrop to the festival

Folk Fest – on the other side of the fence

vender2SUN day  was the third and final day of the 36th annual Vancouver Folk Music Festival at Jericho Beach. 

The beach at Jericho
Jericho has to be my all time favorite Vancouver beach – it’s never too crowded and it goes on and on and on……

Always an amazing musical  lineup of world class performers which you can hear quite clearly from the other side of the fence while perusing the other lineup of various vendors under white tents set up all along the beach – haute hippie style.

Lexi - owner of "Daub + Design" ultra comfort panties
Lexi – owner of “Daub + Design” ultra comfort panties
Style is Individual
Style is Individual
These women are from  the Republic of Ghana, Africa.  Their booth was lovely.
These women are from the Republic of Ghana, Africa.
beauty products to
natural beauty products too
Jia Jia got a feather in his fur
Jia Jia got a feather in his fur
my purchase - a lovely cornelian/sterling ring from Fossil Grotto located Duncan, B.C.
Love at first sight: my purchase – a lovely *carnelian/sterling ring from Fossil Grotto located in Duncan, B.C.

*Energy of carnelian resembles a peaceful, warm afternoon filled with genuine happiness.  YES!

Bonus: Its joyful energy has a nourishing and protective quality to it. Carnelian has courage, confidence and creativity at its core; all these qualities being combined in a calm and grounded kind of way.