Design Folks: locally made jewellery & accessories

I rode my bike over to the Vancouver Folk Festival yesterday at Jericho beach.  


festival5The music sounded great and I always love wandering around to see what the local vendors are selling.  Among the usual woven hanging baskets, blankets, sarongs, tie-dyes and pipes there are a few fresh surprises.

A necklace caught my eye because instead of the clear pink semi-precious stones (slightly squared off) being incorporated into a silver chain it was done with gold.  Simple,casual, elegant.  Margot, the friendly designer behind “Soulstones” told me the meaning behind the Rose Quartz stone I’m attracted to, and I like it even more now:

  • Self-love
  • Protection
  • Peace, happiness, gentleness
  • Healing lore: for emotional wounds & the heart (I need this stone).
  • There are several more suggestions but the above is what appeals to me.?festival1

20150718_141039Camille from “Dark Anachronisms” (in the striped shorts) makes vintage-inspired hats and hair/hat accessories.  I especially like the flower crowns, not so much for wearing alone on my head (it’s a really young look) but for decorating a hat in place of a scarf.  Very pretty and well detailed. You can picture an image of bridesmaids and angelic looking flower girls wearing them.20150718_141046

Where to buy: 


Hats/Flower Crowns/Fascinators

Photos: d. king

I love the natural way this jewellery is displayed
I love the natural way this jewellery is displayed
Backdrop to the festival

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