Monday Mood Board #4


I always thought it would be great fun and somewhat adventurous to live on a houseboatafter knowing someone who did.  Then I decided it might be even better to live on a tugboat in the forest across from a lake.  Something like this would do.

Driving Above Christina Lake, British Columbia

Old fashioned fun

We like to keep on truckin
child size vanilla
Really good borscht at The Borscht Bowl in Grand Forks, B.C.
Really good Thai at Benja in Keremeos, B.C.  Good local fruit too.



Yes, we saw a big black bear close to the road.  Too close for comfort actually.
Then a curious moose we call a cow

Dogs just want to have FUN. And they know how to keep COOL on a HOT day.

Photos: d. king




Feel-good Friday: Obsessions

Some things I’ve been obsessed with on a recent road trip (and it has nothing to do with fashion).  Things like:

These Bunnies:

I think she's a bit weird
“I think she’s a bit weird and that dog….he thinks we’re squirrels!”


“Oh, not the paparazzi again. Please…no more photos!”

This place (Sanderella in the cute little town of New Denver, Slocan Lake – Kootenays) where Jia Jia is patiently waiting outside for me.  I love their bistro bottle cap stools & table. The shop is adorable with lots of eye candy including real candy.

We're not in Paris
We’re nowhere near Paris – not even Paris, Texas or Paris, Ontario (did you even know there was a Paris in Ontario?  It’s apparently considered the prettiest town in Canada but I cannot attest to that in a farm community and they have gourmet cheese).  See, you learn something new every day.

The Homemade Gelato at Sanderella:

especially the coconut cream
especially the coconut cream pie gelato (but that’s because I love coconut cream pie – my mom used to make the best)
This dog
This dog – she has a sweet temperament similar to Jia Jia.

Good Bites: I would be happy to trade in potato chips for these delicious farmer grown carrot chips. You can’t eat just a few. Between this and the Wasabi roasted Seaweed, I will have the most healthy snacks.20150821_113425

then there’s CHOCOLATE (but I’ve always been obsessed with chocolate). The thing about Easter I like the most is the chocolate covered bunnies.  I like to bite the heads off first.

Especially these chocolate covered black licorice pieces - can it get any better?
Chocolate covered black licorice – can it get any better? Yes, what about red?

I’m afraid I have OCD:

Yeah, I'm OCD!
Yes, for sure I do.  I’m in love with Jennifer’s Chocolates in Nakusp.  Total Joy!

Have a great long weekend and try to refrain from eating too much chocolate.  But how much is too much?

New Rules: don’t forget that after Labour day you can still wear white.  How much is too much?…when you blind people wearing too white a white!

Photos: d. king