Feel-good Friday: Obsessions

Some things I’ve been obsessed with on a recent road trip (and it has nothing to do with fashion).  Things like:

These Bunnies:

I think she's a bit weird
“I think she’s a bit weird and that dog….he thinks we’re squirrels!”


“Oh, not the paparazzi again. Please…no more photos!”

This place (Sanderella in the cute little town of New Denver, Slocan Lake – Kootenays) where Jia Jia is patiently waiting outside for me.  I love their bistro bottle cap stools & table. The shop is adorable with lots of eye candy including real candy.

We're not in Paris
We’re nowhere near Paris – not even Paris, Texas or Paris, Ontario (did you even know there was a Paris in Ontario?  It’s apparently considered the prettiest town in Canada but I cannot attest to that in a farm community and they have gourmet cheese).  See, you learn something new every day.

The Homemade Gelato at Sanderella:

especially the coconut cream
especially the coconut cream pie gelato (but that’s because I love coconut cream pie – my mom used to make the best)
This dog
This dog – she has a sweet temperament similar to Jia Jia.

Good Bites: I would be happy to trade in potato chips for these delicious farmer grown carrot chips. You can’t eat just a few. Between this and the Wasabi roasted Seaweed, I will have the most healthy snacks.20150821_113425

then there’s CHOCOLATE (but I’ve always been obsessed with chocolate). The thing about Easter I like the most is the chocolate covered bunnies.  I like to bite the heads off first.

Especially these chocolate covered black licorice pieces - can it get any better?
Chocolate covered black licorice – can it get any better? Yes, what about red?

I’m afraid I have OCD:

Yeah, I'm OCD!
Yes, for sure I do.  I’m in love with Jennifer’s Chocolates in Nakusp.  Total Joy!

Have a great long weekend and try to refrain from eating too much chocolate.  But how much is too much?

New Rules: don’t forget that after Labour day you can still wear white.  How much is too much?…when you blind people wearing too white a white!

Photos: d. king


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