Simply Satisfying – Fiesta Salad

Sunday for lunch I ordered a deliciously tasting salad from the *Taos Cantina in Sedona, AZ.  Sedona has to be one of the most picturesque cities in the world.

Fiesta Salad
Fiesta Salad

It’s a take on traditional taco salad but without the taco shell. It came with ranch/chipotle dressing on the side and sour cream.  I would omit the sour cream (extra calories) and mix a litehouse ranch with chipotle (sparingly to taste) from the can.

What a pleasant presentation for guests especially in the summer.  Underneath the surrounding mix of chopped tomatoes, chopped cucumber, black beans, corn kernels, queso blanco (mild Mexican white cheese – but you can probably substitute with Mozarella) there was a nice array of organic spring mixed lettuces which you can’t see until you mix it all up.  On top in the middle was some guacamole and a few tortillas.  I would suggest chopped avocado and cilantro in place of the guacamole and lime slices on the side…and a Corona extra.  I’m ready for another FIESTA!

*We sat outdoors surrounded by majestic red rock mountains (or monoliths) on all sides. Sedona  is known as a spiritual place abundant in spas and retreats but it is also a tourist destination with many touristy shops.  Great place to bike & hike.

Taos Cantina - Sedona
Taos Cantina – in Sedona with a backdrop of spectacular scenery.

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