p.s. – how do we perceive real quality?

Do we really understand quality anymore?

Patek Philippe
Patek Philippe

Taken from an article by Pasquale Cusano (founder & publisher) of Montecristo magazine – on The Value of Value.

Hermes scarves
Hermes scarves

It got me thinking too because I believe quality matters and it’s not always to do with material things. When thinking of objects of desire, from a handcrafted piece of jewellery to a stylish car, an elegant suit or pair of designer shoes,

Manolo Blahnik
Manolo Blahnik

yes, there is a monetary price that can be invested to obtain these things. When we seek quality items, we assume that a brand name is a seal, an assurance and a promise of high quality.  In most cases, this is true.  In some cases, this is not.  But what about investing in the little things that matter?quality2

What about the value of taking time and the genuine, simple things in life?  The barber, the tailor, the shoemaker, the baker. Even the old fashioned watch maker, took all their time.  Maybe we do not really understand quality anymore, because we’re all too busy to see underneath the appearance of things, too preoccupied to understand their true value.quality1

Quality was about using the best raw materials possible, and using the best techniques and some creativity, to achieve the desired results.  Products that are beautiful but also durable, not just a brand name.  They represent slow work.  Therefore, some brands take decades to emerge as leaders.  Until then, they are obscure, known by very few.  When discovered, some styles are considered “classical” while others are “outrageous”, representing things that will only be appreciated years from now. So how do we perceive quality?

Become curious.  Ask questions about what you are about to consume, purchase, invest your time in. What is quality?  First and foremost, it is attention to detail.  Quality is not appearance only, but what is under the skin.  The powerful brands of today need to bring back, to reinforce the message that quality is about inspiration, stimulation, to get the younger, emerging artisans of tomorrow to reach new, higher levels.  To stay true to their vision, taking no shortcuts.

the best quality
the best quality

Fortunately, many quality experiences are simply free or of little cost.  Time is the ultimate cost, and the ultimate luxury.  The amount of time you invest in simply enjoying something, learning about something, experiencing something, that is the most valuable, long-lasting pleasure.  It’s in the tiny details that constitutes what real quality is.

How do you perceive quality?

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