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It’s dangerous at the best of times walking into any Sephora. 

Sometimes I manage to bypass many of the temptations & go for only exactly what I came in to buy. This is done with great difficulty because it means not looking at all the shelves that pull you in with such appealing product displays.  You have to remain strong & focused.

This time of year we get an extra discount for being a ‘VIP insider’ (which I’m sure most of us that shop there become on the very first visit) and can save $15 on a minimum purchase of $50 (not a difficulty).  So we walk in with our VIP cards that give us that little extra bonus to choose a small gift whenever we spend a minimum of $100 (not a difficulty).  If you spend $500 (not a difficulty) even better –  more choices.  Since we always need something from there, any extra savings is a bonus.

I’m sure I needed something – just can’t remember what.  Maybe extra bronzer & a nice blush.  For sure I needed the inexpensive nail polish remover that you dip your fingers into & almost instantly dissolves all polish.  Done!  Then in the lineup for the till I spotted an Yves Saint Laurent lipstick in a most beautiful color (#12) in one of the discount bins – although I found out that it was put there by mistake so it was really regular price.  I believe it found me so into my bag it goes.  Then on my way home I realized the discount coupon was still in my purse – can’t believe it.  So back I go thinking I’ll just get a rebate for the difference….until I noticed the YSL touché éclat (magic wand that every makeup artist swears by) in the bin for exactly the price of $50 – Done! 

What a great deal because it really only cost me $35.  I’m such a smart shopper!

  How do you shop at Sephora?

Stuff I needed: Sephora instant nail polish remover.  Other stuff I wanted needed: Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder, Nars (the multiple stick) in Orgasm, YSL RougeVolupté – silky sensual radiant lipstick (SPF 15), YSL ToucheÉclat pen, Nars blush/bronzer duo (in Orgasm & Laguna) for purse & travel convenience.

Something I liked but didn’t buy:

Kat Von D eye palette with great piment
The most beautiful eye pigments in the Kat Von D eye palette.


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