beauty biz: concealer review – priced high & low

concealer1Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Versus L’Oreal True Match Color Concealer


Two cover-up pencils – Two prices – Too alike?

Not that I’m trying to hide anything except for every little flaw on my face…but last week I posted about my favourite (the best) under eye concealer and now I want to mention two incredible cover sticks for general use.  You know those little spots here and there on my our faces that need to be dealt with.  Not every freckle (because we shouldn’t make everything disappear – it’s who we are) but a zit or red spot or little discoloration we want to be gone.

The Similarities:

Both are creamy and blendable.  Anything that comes in pencil/stick form is usually more convenient, I find. The ease of keeping a pencil for touch-ups is much better than having to pull out a pot concealer and brush.  The shades in each that match my skintone produces almost exactly the same results.

Both offer customized coverage from the tiniest of blemishes to larger areas of imperfections.  The tip of the crayons allow for precise application, while the side of the crayons can easily canvas a larger area of skin. At first I purchased the Urban Decay pencil and loved it, but then I switched for this new one from L’Oreal for half the price. Here are my thoughts:

The Differences:

Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil – tried this at Sephora and loved the creamy texture and smooth coverage. However, once I bought it, I went through it quickly and it made a mess in my non urban decay pencil sharpener. Why should we always have to buy a specific sharpener for a product – can’t a generic one do?  It does not sharpen smooth and breaks off certain pieces so you’ll never get the tip as precise as it first started out.  But the top goes back on much more securely than L’Oreal so you can take it with you everywhere.  Does it stay on for 24 hours as advertised? No, at least not for me. If you care about packaging then this one is nicer. Available in 8 natural shades. ($18 USD / $22 CDN).

L’Oreal True Match™ Super-Blendable Crayon Concealer – Their moto is “conceal it all – big to small.”  The innovative formula provides sheer to full coverage that blends easily and won’t look cakey. For a drugstore concealer, this is probably the best I’ve tried so far. It provided an almost perfect color match as the Urban Decay stick and of course the convenient chubby pencil is great.  The main drawback is that once you take the top off, it does not seem to go back on tight enough whereas there is never a problem with Urban Decay.  This is no big deal if you don’t mind keeping it at home but it might get messy if you travel with it.  Available in 6 natural shades.  $8.95

They’re both wonderful products however….

Based on this information, which one would you choose?


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