beauty biz – Supersize me!

Some things are just better bigger – this is one of them.  Product Review:

I’m in bliss…literallyBODY butter Being a huge fan of  luxurious body butters and body lotions by bliss you can imagine my delight at finding a super sized version in vanilla and bergamot –  two of my favourite scents.

Already familiar with their original lemon sage (which gained a huge following as it was the #1 body cream for over a decade and used to be available only at Bliss spa locations) this was a delightful purchase from Nordstrom’s.  It’s completely moisturizing with a very familiar & pleasant fragrance(this aromatic moisture mix has amber, lemon, bergamot, myrrh and musk, putting the ‘thrilla’ back in vanilla) which means it can be used in place of a light fragrance.  Made without parabens.  I found that mixing this with a little bit of lavender lotion creates a signature scent.

Available in Canada at:

Price: $51.00 for 14 oz.

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Have you tried them?




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