Style –  Beach Bombshell

swim1Swim where? 

Victorians never swamthey went into the water, covered head-to-toe, and called it “bathing.”swim3

Hence the term “bathing beauties”  Here are some:
This summer the hottest look on the beach will be vintage, so girls….get ready to embrace Retro pin-up style!  I’ve found some fine examples from years past.  So it’s not a perfect world and we’re not built like Marilyn or look like Farrah (remember the poster every boy had?) swim10but these are flattering and let’s face it, more figure forgiving. Of course, all these women had gorgeous hourglass figures, but the brilliant part about a vintage-style swimsuit is that you don’t have to.


Marisa Tomei
Marisa Tomei

These styles that cover more flesh have been seen on everyone from Megan Fox and Taylor Swift to Lindsay Lohan, Meg Ryan, and Marisa Tomei (if you need this kind of assurance).  Breath a sign of relief that you don’t have to suck in your gut now.  The hottest looks right now come right out of the old Hollywood glamour of the ‘40s and ’50s, when pin-ups really took off.  Some history:

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan

In the year 2000 a platinum-haired R&B singer named Sisqó proclaimed his obsession with thong underwear, and suddenly, it got much more difficult to find bikini bottoms that actually covered the bottom.  Swimwear, particularly for women, had shrunk to the smallest possible piece of fabric that retailers could justify selling as clothing.  “Let it all Hang Out” bikinis were seen everywhere but not all of us look our best by letting it all hang out if you know what I mean.  Remember every year around March, magazines began to scream about getting “bikini ready” for the summer. Would it ever end? Who would save us?swim6


Believe it or not: One of the girls from Sex and the City – but the least suspecting of the bunch – Miranda (I would have guessed Charlotte).  In 2008, Cynthia Nixon’s “Sex And The City” character appeared on the big screen in a stunning, red ruched one-piece swimsuit, with a halter strap and a sweetheart neckline, that hugged her curves and covered her bum. Women rushed to the stores to snatch up the Mio swimsuit designed by Norma Kamali (who, by the way still designs killer swimsuits).swim9


This is probably the first time in 100

years that the trend has reversed from showing more skin.  Interesting, right?  Enjoy it!  There are lotsa rappers out there so ya neva know when the trend will revert back.

Looks good on plus-size
Looks good on plus-sized women – a few of the plusses!

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For the GUYS:  Spring Break “Thong Song” by Sisqo:      




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