Grill Talk: FISH in the PAN

It’s officially summer!

getting started
getting started

You want to keep things easy, breezy but still want to impress your guests? With this non-recipe recipe you can feel like you’re dining in a little village somewhere in France or Italy. I’m talking a delicious “one-pan” dinner using any meaty white fleshed fish.   Here’s what you do:

Place the *fish (already sprinkled with salt, pepper and any other spices you want) atop cherry tomatoes, thinly sliced onion, artichoke hearts, pitted Kalamata olives, caper berries, and lemon slices in a pan.

Pour in some white wine and olive oil.  Put the pan on grill, cover the grill, and cook just until the juices bubble and the fish is cooked through (roughly ten minutes or so).

end result
end result

Serve it from the pan – with lots of crusty bread to sop up the sauce.

*For the fish I prefer halibut but you can use monkfish or cod. I used sole fillets once & it worked out fine.

Thank me later!



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