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Banner taken from website (details below).   Whenever possible, go for NATURAL!

20140618_112655I’ve been a fan of Pacifica’s Tuscan Blood Orange, Indian Coconut Nectar and Tahitian Island Vanilla body butters ever since receiving all three (lucky me) as a gift from a friend who couldn’t decide.  They were rich and decadent and smelled exactly like they sound….exotic.  So you can imagine my excitement over discovering  their new lip butters and tints on a recent trip to the U.S.  I was drawn to the colored quench lip tint called “sugared fig” for only $7.00.  It hydrated my lips without a sticky feeling and left a healthy hint of natural color without too much shine.  The scent is incredible. I love it!

WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: 20140618_112702

All Natural Color Quench lip tints packs major lip moisture, nourishing naturals and gorgeous, sheer lip color into one perfectly portable, 100% recyclable tube. Essential fatty acids from rich and amazing avocado and coconut oils leave lips luscious and healthy. Natural flavor and 5 perfect shades that are 100% vegan cruelty free and gluten free. Does this mean NO calories?

DETAILS: Free of carmine, beeswax, lanolin, phthalates, parabens, mineral oils, GMOs, triclosan, propylene, glycol and petroleum.

Here is the link to my Pacifica Body Butter review (from exactly 1 year ago):

To buy:

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