What MATTERS: good Intentions

Intention is Everything!  Oprah Winfrey quoted Martin Luther King “If you can see it and believe it, it is a lot easier to achieve it.”  It’s about Visualization.  I find this fascinating and believe it to be true.win1

Actor Jim Carrey parked his car on Mulholland Drive every night before anybody knew about him, with the visualization of becoming the Hollywood star that he inevitably became. He even wrote himself a ten million dollar check for a movie deal, and dated it five years from that very day. Can you guess what eventually happened? Not long before that date came along, he secured ten million dollars to star in the movie Dumb and Dumber.  That Jim is no dummy!

Being that Jim Carrey is one of the funniest comedians in history I thought it would be pretty cool to meet him, and luckily I had the pleasure of doing so not just once, but on several occasions through a mutual friend.  I found him to be extremely intelligent, captivating and humble all at once.  And I never thought it unusual to be in his presence because I visualized being there as normal.

The power of visualization has been instrumental in turning dreams into reality for not only folks like Jim,  but elite and successful people in every field: professional athletes, business CEO’s, speakers, singers, and performers…YOU?

Please take time to watch this inspiring 11 minute video of actor Jim Carrey sharing his life changing realization.  Take from it what you will but whatever your beliefs, I hope you agree that having good intent and positive visualization makes for healthier living. Have a great weekend.



Credit: http://meaningfulwesternlife.com (a website about cultivating joy and meaning through meditation in a western society lifestyle.)


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