beauty– lemon lights

DIY natural highlightslemon - CopyYears ago there was a spray-on hair lightener called sun-in which  to my surprise is still on the market.  It was used to brighten & lighten blonde to medium brown hair.  You used it by dampening your hair and combing through to evenly distribute the product.  For a sun-streaked look you sprayed on only the stands you wanted highlighted.  It was heat activated,  so you just relaxed and let the sun do the work for you or you could bring the hightlights out with a blow dryer.  It now comes in “lemon fresh” and “tropical breeze”.  Who knows what all of the ingredients are but for sure there was some lemon in the “lemon fresh”.

There was a lemon tree with tons of lemons outside the bungalow we rented in Palm Springs so I got the fresh idea of doing my own lemon lights.   I mixed ½ cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice with ¼ cup of conditioner and combed it through my damp hair.  Then I sat out by the pool for an hour and a half while my hair slowly turned to straw.  At first it was scary because it seemed possible that my hair would just break off but after washing and putting tons of moisturizing conditioner on it – voila! It turned out to be at least one shade lighter.  FullSizeRenderFor DIY natural highlights you just repeat until you get the lightest shade you want.  It works.  You just need a sunny day.

Have you done this or used any of the products that claim to lighten your hair?




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