Hair Story

All Prose.  No Cons.

I couldn’t have predicted it any better or worseThe timing that is…and the fact that my hair would lose some of it’s natural lustre and manageability.

Who would have thought that I could have hair products customized specifically for me, with my name on the bottle? just in case anyone who comes over makes the mistake of using them. Never mind the length and the roots.  That’s another story. 

Early in March, at the very beginning of learning about Coronavirus, I received an offer I could not refuse.  It came from a company I hadn’t heard about before.  But it got my attention.  Because…well..custom made and all…

As far as beauty products are concerned, hair products were always at the very bottom of my list. Not sure why that was but I would use pretty much anything. It was never a priority like skincare and makeup was. But now that’s all changed.  I’ve become a prose convert.

Photo: d. king

Created in Paris.  (Gotta trust the French when it come to these things).  Bottled in Brooklyn.

I was intrigued.  The people at Prose got my attention with not so little details such as…clean, cruelty free ingredients, refillable bottles, thought to packaging, guidelines for how to use each product and finally; scent. The customization process even includes the aroma profile you can choose, which ranges from floral to citrus to woodsy. My oil has an amazing almond scent. You are one in a million.  So is your hair.

Let me tell you.  You have to first fill out an application longer than one for a job interview from what I can remember about job interviews and answer all kinds of questions regarding the quality of your overall hair condition and health in general.  

Questions like how much hair regularly falls out and how much of your scalp is shown when hair is parted down the middle? This apparently tells you about your hair density. Even diet. Yes! All the answers help to formulate each product exclusively to your needs.

My lineup. Photo: d. king

The whole Prose line is customized to your specific hair.

It’s amazing.  My hair life as changed. Find out for yourself. Here’s the link:

Ask for a discount and tell them where you heard about it.

Hairs to You!

Beauty in a Box

Useful, beautifully thought out items for women on the go. Courtesy of the Zoe Report.

Aside from the leather clutch/shoulder/computer bag here are the other items in the Fall Box of Style:


If you spent too much time in the sun and pool, Oribe’s Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream is here to rescue your summer-loved strands. Imbued with a heavenly scent, massage a small amount of this leave-in conditioner post-shower, or midday, for a silky treatment.


Vegan and cruelty free, NUDESTIX gives you a natural way to get gorgeous. Their two-in-one crayon is moisturizing and vitamin-enriched — the perfect pick-me-up to give your lips and cheeks a pinch of color at a moment’s notice.


The perfect travel skincare set. My skin looked fantastic after using it. Call in a weekend staycation, or fake a spa visit, with Skinesque’s multi-tasking mask. Paraben-free and dermatologist approved, it will brighten up your visage with skin-loving ingredients from green tea to bamboo and charcoal.


A little luxury goes a long way, and these stackable baubles prove it. The choice item in the fall box, they deliver delicate diamonds on 14K Gold Plated Brass rings.


Overhaul clutter and make a modern statement via this metallic tray. Whether placed atop your work desk, coffee table, or vanity, it will effortlessly elevate your space.

Order your box here (while supplies last) –            Save $20 on your Fall order. Use CODE  FALL20


Beach Hair Beauty

sephora9The sun’ll come out


Bet your bottom dollar

That tomorrow

There’ll be sun!

And if not, then it will come out soon enough

Then we’ll head to the beach and get a head of beach bombshell hair

Or something like that

Because it’s freeing not to think about hair too much in the summer or try to create a casually toussled look like we’ve been to the beach, even if we haven’t.

For effortlessly chic, sexy undone hair that shouts “just got out of the ocean and my hair dried perfectly.”sephora8

And the best way to do that is with:

sephora7A product that will help do it for us.  A product such as Quai Wave Spray. The one that all the women in the biz who matter use, so I’m told.  Hey; I matter dammit!

So I am being sent some my way any day now.  Because I love the way my hair dries naturally after  having spent time in salt water.  It’s the best!

Quai uses rice protein instead of salt in their spray. They say that the rice protein protects hair fibers from the inside against oxidative damage due to solar radiation and hair keratin from degradation.

I think it may work much better than the empty plastic spray bottle I filled up with ocean water thinking I could create my own natural hair product.  It was ingenious by the way, just not perfect. It was too drying.

This feather light spray is formulated to give natural wave and body without any dryness or crunch.

What else you need to know:
Shake it up and spritz it on damp or dry hair  from root to tip to activate natural waves, enhance texture, boost body, and give hair memory. Or, just mist the roots for extra volume.This product is scented with Ouai No. 2 Fragrance, containing notes of Italian lemon, amber, and white musk. No Parabens, No Animal Testing.
sephora10Available at Sephora or visit their website:

*First five lines and the one below taken from the uplifting song Tomorrow from the Broadway musical “Annie”.

When I’m stuck with a day that’s grey and lonely I just stick up my chin and grin and say, the sun will come out eventually tomorrow.  Sure I do! Then I know my hair will be better.







Feel-good Friday: feeling good all week

 My Week started off with an invite to the annual California Wine Fair presented by Vancouver Arts Club.  Followed by dancing…and more drinking….and dancing (but no driving).

Couldn't decide between the lime or fruit punch Jarritos (Mexican soft drink which may have included a bit of Tequila) while my handsome date prefered to stick with refreshing Dos Equis XX beer.
Couldn’t decide between the lime or the fruit punch Jarritos at Joe Fortes (Mexican soft drink which may have included a little Tequila) while my handsome date standing behind me prefered to stick with a bottle of refreshing Dos Equis XX beer.    Photo: Claude Duke Photography

It is their signature spring fundraiser where all proceeds from ticket sales and auction packages go toward the development of new Canadian plays and staging world-class theatre created by local artists.  I’m already familiar with many of the wineries from having visited them on several occasions around the beautiful Napa and Sonoma wine regions. Some of the properties are really amazing.  One winery is a chateau that looks more like a castle and the Francis Ford Coppola estate winery is very Hollywood glamour.  They’re fun to visit and of course, sample some fine tasting wines.

From the Wine Fair
From the California Wine Vancouver photo: d. king

The very next afternoon it was off to the Tequila Expo Media Event at Joe Fortes rooftop deck with some of the world’s finest and smoothest tasting tequilas, excellent food, great company & conversation.  This was my second time around and it was thoroughly enjoyable especially since the day was so lovely.

The actual event will take place Saturday, May 28th at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

From the Rooftop at Joe Fortes. Photo: d. king
From the Rooftop at Joe Fortes.  Photo: d. king

The celebration of all things Agave is open to connoisseurs and those who enjoy tequila in general with exclusive offerings not yet available in BC.

We’re pleased to be the largest event of our kind in Canada”, says founding partner Manuel Otero, President of the Mexican Business Association of Canada. “As a dual citizen of Mexico and Canada, I couldn’t be prouder to be part of this event that celebrates the best of Mexico by introducing Vancouverites to an amazing range of unique Mexican flavours – both culinary and spirits based.” The full week of events runs from May 23 to May 28.  The Grand Tasting Event at the Hyatt features top Vancouver restaurants offering unique small bite food pairings created specifically to pair with Tequila and Mezcal.

Featured restaurants are The Edge Social Grille & Lounge, El Santo, Joe Fortes, La Mezcaleria, Las Margaritas, Mosaic Bar & Grille and Showcase Restaurant.

New this year! Ticket purchasers will be entered to win a fantastic trip for two to Puerto Vallarta. AeroMexico, the premier airline of Mexico, is generously providing direct flights from Vancouver. The winner’s stay will be hosted by Velas Vallarta and Casa velas. Tickets are now on sale through Tickets Tonight. Single tickets are $79, with a group rate available for only $69 each for groups of 6 or more.  All prices include service charges.

And, as if all that wasn’t enough.. the very next day I got to feeling even more light headed.

Hair by Safa - Enchanté Hair by Design.
Hair by SafaEnchanté Hair by Design.

What am I up to this evening? A Tango 10-year Anniversary Celebration Milonga on the Drive.


SALUT!    Enjoy your weekend

Feel-good Friday: it’s a blonde thing

You can’t change the world overnight but you can change your hair in an hour and the world will be a better place!

I'm feeling Blonde all over
Feeling Blonde all over

Not that I need to have more fun in my life but it doesn’t hurt to find out if it gets better 

Finally a man that understands my worth
Finally a man that understands I’m really a princess.

We women need some change now and then and what better way than to start with a new haircut or hair color.  For me it’s usually color because I prefer to keep some length. I don’t take too many chances with cuts. I took chances when I was younger and wasn’t always crazy about the results – especially the perm or the Mia Farrow pixie cut that I had no say in (at five years old, on account of my mom having to cut my very long hair short because I had a huge tangle that she couldn’t comb out.  She grabbed the scissors and started chopping). Now I understand why dogs get embarrassed when they have a shaved look.  I never forgot but I did end up forgiving her years later.

The Inside Job
The Inside Job

For color I’ve had beautiful black and brown, awesome auburn, really red and various shades of blond hair.  In the past I’ve loved my long black hair and my vibrant red (which was a pleasant surprise but very hard to keep looking fresh not to mention the expense – darn it!). It must be noted that the Brazilian hairstylists do the best highlights ever. And as it turns out the color that suits me best is a rich auburn.

Four years ago I went to my hairdresser to try blond again.  My regular hairstylist was not around and a new guy stepped in and suggested I leave it up to him and try something different and before I knew it I was a redhead.  A shocking bright redhead… and he didn’t even tell me he was doing that.  That’s how stupid trusting I was. For me it was stepping out of my comfort zone and I almost started to cry.  But then I got lots of compliments (although at first I was sure everyone was lying to make me feel better) and realized that it really did suit me in an unnaturally sexy kind of way and decided to keep up my new red facade. I even changed my makeup and clothing to match my new hair – started wearing more green (researching photos of Julianne Moore as my muse).

Then after about three weeks all my redhead dreams faded away and I was a brassy shade of reddish blondish brown and could not locate that same hairstylist fill-in again for the life of me (believe me, I really tried – these people are so transient it’s not even funny).

Synopsis: I think red hair on certain women looks dynamite and shiny black hair is very striking.  Then there are the various shades of blond.  And it’s not even that I find blonde hair makes every woman look younger.  It’s not about that. Many times it has the opposite effect. So then, why blond?

Because as strange as it sounds all women secretly want to feel what it’s like to be a blond even if they know it doesn’t really suit them, if that makes any sense (but never question it).  It’s similar to putting on a pair of high heels. The effect is more lightness (ha, ha) fun & sexy even if temporarily. The best thing about hair is that it can be changed back as quickly as a trip to the hairdresser or drugstore.  Infact this latest hair job came from a box at the drugstore and done in a hotel room by a very patient person…moi!


I like to feel blonde all over – Marilyn Monroe


Feel-good Friday: a salon for swingers

A good haircut always makes you feel better.IMG_20150204_100819

Feeling like some weights been lifted – at least on my head.  Even a little trim can make a big difference in lightening up your day.  I found a cool salon in Palm Springs called “Spectrum Salon & Spa“.  The owner Christine, is originally from Denmark.

a customer painted this
a customer painted this for her

She loves boxers (the dogs not the sport) and has fun stuff to look at like clothing and accessories, some vintage.
 But most of all I love the swings.

A lazy dog waits while his owner gets a hair trim
A lazy dog waits while his owner gets a hair trim.  He’s wondering how much longer….


beauty– lemon lights

DIY natural highlightslemon - CopyYears ago there was a spray-on hair lightener called sun-in which  to my surprise is still on the market.  It was used to brighten & lighten blonde to medium brown hair.  You used it by dampening your hair and combing through to evenly distribute the product.  For a sun-streaked look you sprayed on only the stands you wanted highlighted.  It was heat activated,  so you just relaxed and let the sun do the work for you or you could bring the hightlights out with a blow dryer.  It now comes in “lemon fresh” and “tropical breeze”.  Who knows what all of the ingredients are but for sure there was some lemon in the “lemon fresh”.

There was a lemon tree with tons of lemons outside the bungalow we rented in Palm Springs so I got the fresh idea of doing my own lemon lights.   I mixed ½ cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice with ¼ cup of conditioner and combed it through my damp hair.  Then I sat out by the pool for an hour and a half while my hair slowly turned to straw.  At first it was scary because it seemed possible that my hair would just break off but after washing and putting tons of moisturizing conditioner on it – voila! It turned out to be at least one shade lighter.  FullSizeRenderFor DIY natural highlights you just repeat until you get the lightest shade you want.  It works.  You just need a sunny day.

Have you done this or used any of the products that claim to lighten your hair?




personally speaking – since when did a bad haircut become CHIC?

I DON’T UNDERSTAND why some women pay good money to look like she gave herself a BAD HAIRCUT!

Eva Herzigova in Prada Ad from last Spring.
Eva Herzigova in Prada Ad from last Spring.

I don’t know about everyone else but I’m thinking that when you go to the hairdresser you should leave feeling better than when you first walked in.  For me that means taking off an inch or two to help tidy up split ends, some layers that fall nicely around the face and a blow dry that lasts for a minimum of three days.  A good haircut should make you feel sexier don’t you agree?  Well as it so happens not everyone’s idea of sexy is the same….


Herzigova is beautiful but maybe she wants to distract people with bangs that look like they were cut with safety scissors in the dark.

Weirdly enough, there seems to be a lot of deliberately bad hair around these days.  Uneven bangs, lopsided looks, scissor marks & seemingly haphazard haircuts.  Case in point: a stylist who created a cut for a story in W magazine of a model wearing a Dior Haute Couture dress.  She may have been wearing haute couture but the effect the hair stylist (Malcolm Edwards) was going for with his zigzag coif was that of a kid who cut her hair with the kitchen scissors.  But of course for that shoot, the model wore a wig.  However the idea is for the reader to deliberately witness a crazy cut.  As if Dior needs something to distract you from a beautiful dress?

Lena Durham in Girls - season finale
Lena Durham in Girls – season finale

Also, in the dramatic season finale of Girls, Lena Dunham hacks away recklessly at her tresses but in the end miraculously ends up with a sassy, cute little pixie cut – which suits her quirky style.

Lena Durham's cute pixie cut.
Lena Durham’s cute pixie cut.

No longer is cutting your own hair considered a desperate cry for help (Britney??)

Erin Anderson has handled the hair of Mila Jovovich and Chloë  Sevigny.  She works out of Woodley & Bunny in the Williamsburg neighbourhood of Brooklyn (a part of town where the girls who look like they cut their hair themselves probably live).  “The DIY haircut has been around for some time,” insists Anderson.  She recalls a time when a client of hers went so far as to ask her to cut his hair with her eyes closed.  Anderson’s strict rule:  Never cut your own hair while under the influence of alcohol or marijuana.  “Everything tends to look good if you’re drunk or stoned,” she says.

A hairdresser who goes by the name of Duffy (he’s also a classically trained stylist from the Vidal Sassoon school) has a request for a bad haircut…..he understands exactly what the customer is asking for.  “We have a painting at home by an artist called Alistair Frost – a canvas with a squiggle in it,” he says.  “The kid was 26 and had the confidence to make this gesture and turn around and say, ‘This is my work.’  That’s what this haircut is about.  The uninfluenced gesture.”  Still, it’s a hell of a lot easier said than done.  “For me to forget all I’ve learned and cut your hair like a kid did it is 10 times harder than if I were just to simply give you a graduated bob,” Duffy says.  He tells this customer that if she had fine blonde hair, he could make her hair look like it was chewed by a rat in six minutes but with her curly hair even if he hacked the crap out of it, it would be hard to see the damage.  So the good & bad news for this customer is that it would be difficult to give her a bad haircut.

As seen in W Magazine

Lesson – a GOOD STYLIST trying to give you a bad haircut is different from a BAD STYLIST trying to give you a good haircut.

What do you think?  Is the Hatchet Haircut for you?

Drug Store Delights- dry oil product review

 FRUCTIS TRIPLE NUTRITION “Miracle Dry Oil” by Garnier
Triple LotionNot “just” another product for the bathroom shelf – although I was a bit skeptical.  Take it for what it is:
A miracle multi-use dry oil enriched with olive, avocado and almond oils that seems to deliver rapid nourishment to hydrate dry hair and skin without the oiliness.  A lot of bang for your buck – it only costs about $6.00.
Perfect for traveling as it comes in a 5 fl oz. (150 ml) plastic spray bottle.  It smells really nice (a bit floral + bit fruity) but it’s light and not overpowering.  I already use an oil for face but for dry areas it seems to work & sinks right in. Do not spray directly on face – spray onto your palm first & use sparingly. For legs & arms it absorbs great.
Haven’t tried it on my hair yet but it probably works as well as the Moroccan oil I have.  In any event for the price it’s definitely worth trying.  Wouldn’t you agree?
001Bio-Oil – the true “Miracle” Oil?
Bio‑Oil has won 135 skincare awards and has become the No.1 selling scar and stretch mark product in 16 countries since its global launch in 2002.
We’ll see as I’ve been testing it out for about a month now on my knees (which were badly scraped from a fall last summer).  It seems to have helped to reduce the scars which now appear more faint.  It would have helped more to use it immediately after but better late than never.
The *Bio‑Oil formulation is a combination of plant extracts and vitamins suspended in an oil base. It contains the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil™, which changes the formulation’s overall consistency, making it light and non-greasy.
*You can buy this product at Costco too (comes in a two-pack, one large & one regular size) which will last you a lifetime – even if you live to be 200.