Feel-good Friday: fun little things

ENJOYMENT from this past week:

Wine & Dine - squinting in the Sunshine
Wine & Dine – squinting in the Sunshine with my good friend Rosa who I met taking tango lessons about 12 years ago.

It has become a yearly tradition.  A birthday celebration and rendezvous between two friends at the same place with a great ambience and view. I’m talking Sandbar rooftop, Granville Island. We talk about everything over a bottle of wine and discuss what has changed in the year since we’ve last been here.  What were we talking about last time oh, I see…the same thing. What has changed? What have we learned? Where do we go from here? How can we improve on perfection. Of course I can’t give you all the details but there’s always lots of laughs.

Photo: Vancouver Sun
Photo: Vancouver Sun

Honjin Sushi dinner (regarded as having the best sushi in Vancouver – definitely one of the top places) in tatami room with adventurous visitors I met in Palm Springs who make their home in Philadelphia but travel all the time.  Nice to meet up again.

Last night dinner at Cardero’s with seven other fun women before Theatre Under the Sky Stars (there were no stars in the sky last night) at Stanley Park to watch the hilarious musical Hairspray (not to be confused with “Hair” or “Shampoo”)  I loved John Travolta in the film version. The play was very entertaining with a talented cast who could really belt it out.

I speak for all women
I speak for all women.     Tank: Bear Dance Clothing (L.A.)
Sometimes I want to be invisible...but it's nice that it matches my beach bag.
Sometimes I want to be invisible…but it’s nice that it matches my beach bag.  Coco’s Closet

And of course these two characters continue to engage me:

Did I surprise you?
They look guilty.  I surprised them.
Outside Market Meats
Waiting patiently outside Market Meats

 “We’ve been sooo good so far today maybe she’ll forget about the snapping at that dog and person yesterday. What do you think she’s buying for us this time?”

You ain’t seen nothin until you WATCH THIS (1 minute video) and you will know why these dogs are SO SPECIAL:

Life is too short not to have some fun.  Enjoy your weekend.


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