Contemplating Closure

HOW COMFORTING IS CLOSURE?  Very.closure3Not in a feel-good sense but in an overall peace of mind sort of way.  Otherwise it’s like an open ended book where you never quite know what happens in the end.

It’s important not only for those who have lost loved ones and were not able to say goodbye but also for relationships that have ended.  It’s like you want to move on to the next chapter of your life gracefully and not keep re-reading the last.

And there is a certain sense of relief in coming to terms with your feelings about a person or a situation and finally being able to let go and start a brand new book. Even when the ending in the last one appeared kind of sketchy. In a psychological sense it’s finding an answer to an unclear situation.  The Aha moment as in Ahhhh… I get it! Maybe you’re better off being an open book even if it means you end up hurting someone.closure6

In the case of someone who passed on where you didn’t get the opportunity to say farewell in person or go to the funeral or memorial you can make your own bon voyage by lighting a candle, saying a prayer or paying tribute in some other manner.  Go for a long walk, think about all the things you loved about that person, pull out photos, write something down and make a final toast.  But never ever forget!

The beautiful thing is that memories live forever, regret should have no place and life as usual, carries on.  Draw your own conclusions…

Yes; finding WORDS is important
Yes; finding WORDS is important

In might consider what Shakespeare’s Hamlet said “you have to be cruel to be kind

m o v i n g r i g h t a l o n g


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