Beauty – going Bananas

For Makeup & Monkeys

Celebrating the Chinese calendar has become a more common practice all over the world, and many artists, designers and beauticians like to pay homage to the New Chinese Year, too.  After all, it’s another good reason to party!

Giorgio Armani highlighting Palette
Giorgio Armani highlighting Palette

And now, Italian brand Giorgio Armani is offering us something new to celebrate with – with an exclusive, limited-edition Year of Monkey Face Palette for 2016. Showing the red tradition festive colors the new palette reveals on the top lid the two traditional Chinese symbols for Fortune and Luck.

The Face Palette comes in a nude satin hue with two types of light-reflecting pearls to enhance illuminating effects, which makes it (almost) perfect for every skin tone. With its highly sophisticated packaging and versatile formula, Giorgio Armani’s Monkey Palette definitely represents a good way to start off this upcoming year.

Although the palette will be mainly sold in Asian countries, it will be available in Europe and in the United States as well. Priced at €85, it will be sold from January 2016 at select retailers, like Nordstrom. If you want to celebrate this thrilling New Year with a touch of luxury, Giorgio Armani’s new face palette might be the best option!

That, and making lots of dumplings!


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