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The Most Stylish Men in Fashion

Last week marked the beginning of the Fall 2016 men’s season, and along with it feedback from some of the fashion experts at Vogue.  It was the first time that Vogue Runway covered the men’s shows.  To whet your appetite, editors weighed in on the best well-dressed dudes.

Here, my paired down version of the most stylish guys in fashion.  I narrowed it down from 30, Starting with…

Franck Chevalier

now if he lost the cigarette it would be even better - he has a cool-guy vibe. Photo: Courtesy of Franck Chevalier
For me he could lose the cigarette, but it’s all part of his Clint Eastwood/Marlboro man rugged appeal.  Photo: Courtesy of Franck Chevalier

Jean Paul Gaultier protégé and stylist to some of the greatest musicians of all time, Chevalier’s own look is a brilliant combination of vintage, streetwear, and original pieces he designs for himself.

Maurice Mullen

Photo: David M. Benett / Getty Images
Photo: David M. Benett / Getty Images

“To me, it’s Maurice Mullen of the London Evening Standard, who I always look forward to seeing at the London shows. I have never been able to comprehend the number of immaculate Savile Row suits he must have, nor his ability to deploy the loudest patterns and colors and the killer clashing pocket handkerchief—and plaid trousers on occasion!—while being the most gentlemanly and wickedly insightful neighbor to sit next to at a show.” —Sarah Mower, Chief Critic

Gene Krell

Photo: Courtesy of Nao Krell / @inagakikrell
Photo: Courtesy of Nao Krell

“Style is but one of Gene Krell’s admirable qualities, and he has it in spades. Born in Brooklyn, Krell was part of the London scene as hippie segued into punk. And then he brought Vogue to Asia. His street style look is built on tailoring, with British and Italian touches. And the man has range: Krell can work a tattooed surf look with as much ease as a toggle coat and brown suede shoes.” —Laird Borrelli-Persson, Archive Editor

Ian Bradley

Photo: Madison McGaw /
Photo: Madison McGaw /

“No one does the retro-hipster-nerd look better! With Ian you know it’s super-authentic, and every time I see him it makes me smile.” —Kelly Connor

Yohji Yamamoto

Photographed by Tommy Ton
Photographed by Tommy Ton

Yohji gets my vote. His is the gold standard by which all other designer uniforms must be judged. Consistent, pragmatic, and elegant, there’s nothing not to love about his look.” —Kristin Anderson, Fashion News Writer

Raf Simons

Photo: Francois Guillot / Getty Images
Photo: Francois Guillot / Getty Images


Former Dior Designer “Raf Simons is the greatest of all time. The end.” —Steff Yotka, Fashion News Writer

John Nollet

Photo: Kristy Sparrow / Getty Images
Photo: Kristy Sparrow / Getty Images

“French hairstylist to chic women like Nicole Kidman and Vanessa Paradis, John Nollet has his own signature style worth noting: white shirt, sharp jacket, trimmed beard, and artfully messy, shoulder-length hair. Sometimes he ties it back in a knot or braids it with one of his own couture feathered hairpieces, which he designs with Maison Lemarié; that contrast between his natty clothes and wild, bohemian hair is so cool—and so French. Bonus: He’s incredibly charming (and handsome)!” —Emily Farra

Karl Lagerfeld

Photo: David M. Bennett / Getty Images
Photo: David M. Bennett / Getty Images

“Kaiser Karl is a cluster of contradictory style statements, clashed together like a game of sartorial Consequences: Edwardian collar and stickpin with streamlined hypermodern suiting, biker gloves and goth rings, 18th-century powdered pigtail—like a Prussian general—and Terminator sunglasses. It shouldn’t work, but it always does. Lagerfeld has crafted an instantly identifiable image: He’s the most recognizable designer of our times and, I’d argue, the most stylish man on the planet. There aren’t many fashion designers people dress up as for Halloween, and there aren’t many people for whom formal dress is for life, not just the red carpet.” —Alexander Fury

Stefano Pilati

Photo: Joe Schildhorn /
Photo: Joe Schildhorn /

“The Zegna designer has my vote. Why? To me, he is the epitome of fearless, intuitive elegance: always intensely masculine, but those cuts, those fabrics, the tattoos, the jewelry . . .” —Sally Singer, Vogue Creative Digital Director

Mystery Manmen

Don’t know who he is, but I think he deserves to be included.

Any other favorites?



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