Fashion that will knock your socks off

SOCKS are flying off the shelves.  You can tell a lot about a person by the type of socks they wear.  20160116_135621I’m trying, I’m trying but the only socks that appeal to me are sock monkeys.  Remember I’m the one who prefers going barefoot whenever possible. I only wear socks when necessary like when I’m wearing pants with shoes that require them.  And usually it’s a black pair with black pants, grey with grey, brown with brown…you get the picture.  And they must be thin enough to wear with shoes but have just the right amount of elasticity to not fall down around the ankles (like I embarrassingly experienced with a very expensive pair of pantyhose).

Superhero Socks
Superhero Socks


I wear white sport socks for running and that’s about it.  My previous sock flamboyancy came out once when I wore a pair that had colorful toe separaters (yup, one for each toe) that a friend brought me back from Japan (you know, the Japanese are so fashion forward and prone to taking risks even with their toes).  Oh; and one time I tried wearing those thin nylon short lacy ones in black with open-toed Manolos and a skirt but the look is very trendy even though I liked the idea and they were from Wolford.  It seemed so naughty school-girl – so not me (the school-girl part anyway).

Overall I’m sad to report that I’m a predictable and boring sock person. There are new boutiques specializing only socks and even some of the upscale stores are featuring ones meant to be seen (why else would you buy flamingo socks if not to show them off?) and something for every type of person – I’m still not on board. But I must admit they’re a shoe-in for attention.  Never say never!

Leopard is a neutral now
Leopard is a neutral 

How about you – what kind of sock person are you?








How about you – are you the crazy sock type?

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