Out with the old, IN with the old recreatedvalentine3I often wonder how fashion designers get it together to keep coming up with new ideas for something original and inspiring for every season (including “resort wear” which is considered another season in fashiondom which makes five) and all those nerve wracking make-or-break shows.  Something that will make people excited to want to go out and buy that new shirt right away.  To be “that girl.” Because you know the easiest way to transform yourself is through clothes – if you dress for your mood (not necessarily the occasion).  Sometimes you see something totally wild.  You can admire it (on someone else) but never consider it for yourself and sometimes it’s like….I like it but it’s been done before…again and again (maybe they’ve just added some more buttons, zippers or pockets but otherwise it’s the same).  In any event you must be very creative to keep plugging away at it and try to outdo your last performance.  Just as much pressure as a musician has to come up with a new hit, but not wanting to be totally typecast…….as a

The New World Order - Vintage Alaia Shearling Bomber Jacket
The New World Order – Vintage Alaia Shearling Bomber Jacket (website below)

Designer, Musician, Artist (one who paints + draws), Actor, Photographer, Chef, Writer……(blogger?) and even Politicians (The best reality TV drama going is Trump vs Cruz vs Clinton vs Sanders). I’ve been watching the U.S. debates like any other interested Canadian.

By being typecast I mean restricted to one style (a recognizable signature style such as a Picasso painting), that are the kinds of things that people  “expect” of you .  But even with Picasso, the style may be recognizable but it’s not “always” the same.  You know what I mean.  Maybe you eat the same cereal all the time but one day you put blueberries over top and another day strawberries.  There must be an element of surprise.

In the mad crazy world of invention,  everything seems to be intermixed lately.  Fashion and Art, Art and Food, Beauty and Culture. A designer visits an art gallery and gets ideas for his next collection.  Actors are models, models are actors and regular people are starring in their own version-of-reality TV series.  It’s interesting.

For myself in general, I draw inspiration from everywhere.  People, the media (like everyone else, is a big contributor) through TV, magazines, newspapers, online with other peoples blogs, music, books, stores, movies (amazing ones this season), art, travel, restaurants, nature and on the street. I’m usually more inspired when I’m travelling and things look different and fresh and I’m living more in the moment (which we say we should do but mostly do not).  It’s not only for trying to come up with new ideas for the blog so it doesn’t get stale (I hope) but also in day to day life, in areas like cooking and finding a new recipe for fish or maybe trying out a new running route to keep from getting bored.

As for restaurants, why do you think Cauliflower is having a moment of fame right now trying to outshine Kale in many restaurants? The chefs have come up with some pretty incredible ways of serving it. It’s still the same vegetable but now it tastes so much better.  We never thought of baking it with chilli and lemon before? Hell; I was just taken out to a popular restaurant and they had a delicacy of chocolate covered crispy chicken skin on the menu. When I asked the waiter what happened (like did the chicken fall into the pot of melted chocolate by mistake) I can’t remember but I think it actually did.  In any event, it was a mistake.  But one most people like because it’s new (if you didn’t know that it was chicken, it could be walnuts). And if it wasn’t served cold, it would be more greasy.  Yuck! Not like the intentional chocolate covered bacon many chefs are now serving.  At a party someone brought orange chocolate covered bacon.  Really??  I went off again…but really…

I’m wondering how important any of this is to any of you?  I believe inspiration is a big deal.  At least something else to keep us going, a curiosity towards finding a different way, idea, recipe, whatever…

Isn’t that what life is about?

Some Inspiration when it comes to STYLE:

Portraits by Willy Vanderperre
YOKO ONO – Portrait by Willy Vanderperre

An online magazine featuring interesting women:

The passage of time has been miraculously beneficial for Yoko Ono. While previous generations held grudges and questioned her motives, in the 21st century Ono is cherished for her provocations and wisdom. As a musician and multimedia artist since before the term was coined, Ono holds the rare position of courting a global audience without ever having to compromise her work, which is often wilfully impenetrable.

At the age of 77, Ono continues to think of the long-term, with two forthcoming exhibitions and a recent album, as well as progressing her ongoing project around the world, asking the masses to imagine peace. It is a message from which she will never waver.

Text by Liz Hoggard, Styling by Olivier Rizzo

Shopping Online:

The New World Order NYC

Vestiaire Collective Website:

Shop the closets of fashion lovers from Paris, Berlin, Milan, New York City, and more.  Mix ‘n match high street, luxury vintage and new pieces with Vestiaire Collective.

 St. Laurent Leather Biker Jacket
Vestiaire Collective – St. Laurent Leather Biker Jacket 




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