Style: COACH gets a reborn identity at 75!

At 75 years old COACH is looking better than ever!

COACH VINTAGE Circa-1971 Coach Mahogany Leather Fringed Duffle Shoulder Bag - $995
Circa-1971  Mahogany Leather Fringed Duffle Shoulder Bag – $995 USD

That can be due to a recent much needed facelift.  It happens as we become more tired looking over time. However the Coach bags that I own have remained in very good shape over the years with no signs of diminishing. Almost like new. Of course it helps that I look after my stuff with kid gloves but mostly it has to do with the overall craftmanship.  I always thought Coach never got the credit it deserves.  Similar to another brand that makes beautifully well-made leather bags, Furlacoach4.

Photo: Garance Dore
Photo: Garance Dore

Coach is more widely known than Furla though, and loved by many. Most of us are familiar with the Coach logo (although I’ve never loved their bags with the highly recognizable logo written all over them – I prefer the hidden logo) and the attractive leather handbags are readily found in almost every city.  Even though they’re well made using high quality leather and come in many colours and price points they never quite reached the “tops” in the designer bag category.  They were considered a “starter” bag which sounds kind of snobby but I think it’s because you can find them everywhere and they have so many outlets.  Also younger women can more afford them and if that’s the case and they’re made so readily available to the masses they are not deemed so ‘exclusive’. But that may change now as the brand becomes more upscale.  It will be interesting to see what happens.  They never had a problem selling but now they may become more sought after and appeal to a different demographic – a more sophisticated crowd.

COACH VINTAGE Circa-1973 Coach British Tan Leather Rip & Repair Small Dinky Bag $695
Circa-1973 British Tan Leather Rip & Repair Small Dinky Bag – $695 USD

Not all about the BAG

They make more than bags you know and they have Stuart Vevers. Entering his third year as creative director for the brand, Stuart Vevers has revamped an American Classic into a brand every girl wants to wear again.  A major feat.  He is in charge of all creative aspects of the Coach brand, including Women’s and Men’s product design, brand imagery, and store environments. Since his takeover we can expect to see mini skirts and mod square-toed boots with a hint of bohemia & rock n’ roll details (studs, metallic, floral prints and leather – lots of it).  It helps that cool girl Dree Hemingway is a model for them.

The ultimate nod is that they’re re-introducing some popular styles from the past – available exclusively at the exclusive department store Barneys no less.

COACH VINTAGE Circa-1972 Coach Black Leather Fringed Stewardess Bag $1,195 USD
Circa-1972  Black Leather Fringed Stewardess Bag – $1,195 USD

On the occasion of celebrating 75 years in the leather biz, the brand is taking a look back by launching three customized iconic vintage bags. The Dinky, Stewardess and Duffle were selected for the “Coach Vintage Collection,” sourced from collections all over the world, but originally created in NYC in the 1970s and 80s. Over 18 months, the bags underwent authentication and restoration processes before each was given one of three hand-applied motifs—Fringe, an homage to the American West, Rip and Repair, a nod to the baseball mitts that inspired the original founders of Coach and Vintage Stripe, a reference to classic Ivy League style. “This feels like the perfect way to honor our 75th anniversary by bringing together our heritage with something new in one project, “Vevers explains, “It was lots of fun creating these one of a kind pieces for Barneys.”

The limited-edition collection retails for $595-$1,195 and will be available exclusively at Barneys New York locations on Madison Avenue and Beverly Hills, as well as

THE BOOT: BANDIT Chelsea by Coach

Coach Bandit Chelsea Boot
Coach Bandit Chelsea Boot

Traditional Americana goes downtown in a cropped cowboy boot (always loved the cropped cowboy – maybe I’m a cowgirl at heart) colorblocked in black and oxblood leathers with a saddle leather gore and exotic embossing on the heel. This statement limited edition is finished with a low heel for all-day ease.  Niiiice!

What do you think?  Like or no like?



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