Beauty break –  wash your face without all the hassle

LAST NIGHT I was wondering what to put in the beauty post today.  I didn’t really have a clue as I stopped to wash my face with yet another hotel face wipe before bedtime. It wasn’t really washing more than it was wiping away the remains of the day….that’s why they’re called wipes.  Then a little light came on...before it went out.

My stash
My stash

There comes an evening when you just don’t have the time, it’s too late or you’re too tired read LAZY to clean up properly. I’m so happy these makeup removers come in convenient non-spill travel packs and they must be more popular than I ever imagined because just take a look at all the varieties:

the varieties, not all of them either
the varieties, and only some of them

So you can gently clean your face when you’re on the go….or not (I mean even when you’re still at home).

The Cleansing Cloths or towelettes will leave your skin feeling fresh and clean – without drying out or disturbing your skin’s natural pH balance.

The cetaphil cloths (like most of the others) are ultra-soft and gentle, dermatologist developed and tested, as well as ophthalmologist tested. So you can be confident in their ability to remove dirt and makeup without irritation. They’re also fragrance-free, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic.

So this is the next best thing to actually taking a few minutes to really clean your face.  Just hoping I don’t become too dependant on them.

How about you?


One thought on “Beauty break –  wash your face without all the hassle

  1. I always carry travel sized wipes in my bag , they are such life savers, cleaning up makeup smudges, freshening up during the day, wiping hands you name it. Plus we now have so many varieties to choose from instead of just relying on the baby variety. My favs are the “yes to” and “Burts bees” brands . If you are still into the baby wipes variety “mustela” is also a good brand to try 😘

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