A Piece of my Mind

Finding Peace of Mind.  Isn’t that what we all want? Yesterday I went to my first clinical hypnosis therapy session.  I posted about the process last week but hadn’t experienced it until now. Told you I’d follow up on it.peaceofmind2

The practitioner is in the process of writing a book on the subject of which she has been practicing for 16 years.  Her office was calming as expected, her music soft and relaxing and her voice ever so soothing.

It was a case of deep relaxation while opening the subconscious to work with the mind in order to achieve a peaceful feeling to overcome symptoms such as (in my case) anxiety, some stress and loss of sleep.  Others use it to manage pain, kick bad habits such as smoking and change harmful attitudes.  If you’re familiar with meditation and make it your practice you will find it much easier to achieve an hypnotic state.

I decided to do this because someone very close to me has a recurring cancer and I wanted to offer support and something positive to go along with the auto-immune therapy that this person is undergoing.  A therapy not yet approved here in Canada, only successful in 4 cancer types with a 30% success rate and a multitude of possible side effects. After yesterday I realized the hypnotherapy could help me deal with the situation as well.

This could not have come at a better time for me because I had no more than one hour of restful sleep the night before for no apparent reason other than over-thinking and worry.  But you can train your mind to push worry aside with training and diligence.

Most people in general find it easier to attain a restful body but the mind seems to stay active.  The idea is to quiet the mind while a part of your subconscious guides you along to a restful place to offer helpful suggestions.  It’s not meditation.  Meditation is a blank state while in hypnosis part of your mind stays awake. 

woman meditating on the beach in the Caribbean
woman meditating on the beach in the Caribbean

The session lasted one hour.  The tiny group of two other people and I were told that 15 minutes of hypnotherapy is the equivalent of 4 hours of restful sleep.  We were under for at least 30 minutes so I figure by way of this, I was able to get my full 8 hours after all. I actually felt much more rested after the session ended.  Good thing too because I had a very full day ahead and was able to make it through remaining alert (along with some coffee).

I will continue this journey longer by going to sessions and setting aside a specific time (5 to 15 minutes a day) to sit back, relax, imagine my colour (we choose a colour theme – mine was shades of fuchsia before she said to make it a relaxing colour so it became violet), a vision (private although I shared it with the others in the room) and see where this guides me.  I can tell you that my set visual is the most wonderful inspiring sensation.peaceofmind3It wasn’t this but I love this dream like illustration and since I live partially in a dream world it inspired me to include it.  

Have you tried this?

Practitioner: Louise Evans  Address: Suite #205, 2902 West Broadway                            Phone: 604 773 5595 Website: sparkhypnotherapy.com


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