Beauty: Lipstick Shades you Need

Colours for all seasons and all reasons

Narrowed Down
Narrowed Down

It’s almost like testing out shades of paint for your home.  You want to find something that flatters and will last. Sephora wanted to test out their Rouge range of lipstick shades and finishes so they narrowed it down to four complimentary testers with great sounding names, which of course I was happy to try out by wearing one each day.  If there is one makeup product I cannot be without it would have to be lipstick.  I can do without any eye makeup (not saying it looks amazing but most often I do go without) but I feel like without wearing anything on my lips I just disappear.  Do you feel the same about any makeup product?

Surprisingly enough these shades appear to be universally flattering, long-lasting, reasonably priced and above all…chic.  I realized that these shades are all one really needs.  Certainly if I were to narrow it down to only four these would be it.  Here they are:

Belly-Dancing Rouge Cream

Belly-dancing R49
Belly-dancing R49

Nights in Rouge Satin: A hydrating lipstick that creates full lips with intense color. A revamp of the iconic Sephora Lip Attitude Chic, this new hydrating formula provides improved coverage and is rife with pigment. The creamy texture softly glazes your lips, imparting just the right amount of color and sheen. Perfection!

Love Spell Rouge Brilliance

Love Speall N14
Love Spell N14

Girl needs some Gloss – this one is a light pink semi sheer nourishing formula with a bit of gloss.  It’s pretty and perfect for a hint of colour. Especially for sunny days.

Enchanting Blush Rouge Balm

Enchanting Blush 03
Enchanting Blush 03

A beautiful everyday shade that is fresh & bright.  It has a smooth hydrating formula with SPF 20.Sephora calls the formula a balmy lipstick with a gel formula which is about right.

Rebel Chic Rouge Mat

Rebel Chic M11
Rebel Chic M11

An ultra-matte lipstick that provides long-lasting moisture and intense pigment. This one delivers bold color, intense moisture, and incredible comfort. Enriched with  shea butter and rich emollients, the formula moisturizes and soothes lips, while depositing super matte color and blurring lip imperfections. And unlike some matte lipsticks, this one never feels cakey or dry on your lips.

What else you need to know:
This product is not tested on animals.

Beauty Tip:
Create a contoured lip by selecting your shade of Lip Liner To Go and Rouge Cream Lipstick based on skintone and desired look. Use the Pro Lip brush to blend the lipstick and liner together to soften any harsh lines.

Cost: $12.50 each

Do you have any favourites?





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