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Well here’s something different.  Especially after attending the opening of a pop-up pastrami place called  Mensch for brisket sandwiches & beer last week. My Yin and Yang is well balanced for sure.

First I must explain that this is a new regime for me. Yesterday right after my meditation practice (more on this later) I went to a bar.

But just not your everyday kind of bar.  A bone broth bar.


I sat at the counter of a fairly small but very well stocked store/take-out called “Home on the Range Organics

It’s North America’s First and Original Broth Bar!

They sell other things too that are hard to find elsewhere
They sell other things too that are hard to find elsewhere

What a great little find!bonebroth4bonebroth3

I spoke with Jackie Ingram (she and her husband Allen own the place) and was quite impressed with all the healthy offerings they have in stock (literally speaking too, they have amazing stock).  I bought some ready made broth to take home and add stuff to (I can make my own but did not have any prepared), a super elixir of turmeric & lime and avocado mayonnaise because I want to make sandwiches without using regular high fat mayo or miracle whip which has corn syrup, soybean oil and sugar.  Basically I’m looking for better ingredients.  So you might wonder:

Why broth not coffee?

Unlike coffee, broth can help hydrate your body and nourish it. It helps to fight inflammation and significantly boosts gut health!

Here are 10 great reasons why you should drink their delicious broths:

  1. Great for post work out as its recuperative properties directly stimulate regrowth of connective body tissue.
  2. The natural way to fight colds and flus. This is how your grandmother used to fight the common cold! Studies show that having chicken broth in particular (and other broths as well) increases the number of white blood cells that fight common colds and flus.
  3. Helps reduce food allergies and intolerances.
  4. Helps reduce cellulite. Bone broths help to slow down structural changes in your skin’s tissue by strengthening elastin fibres, to make cellulite less visible. As we age our skin becomes thinner so it is easier to see blemishes below the surface whereas collagen can reverse this trend if you exercise regularly and moderate your diet through bone broth consumption.
  5. Reduces inflammation. Collagen is the body’s natural healing workhorse but after our early twenties we slow production of collagen, and providing a natural boost is essential. Broth contains plenty of the anti-inflammatory amino acids glycine and proline.
  6. Greatly improves joint health by helping with bone formation and natural repair. Broths contain magnesium, phosphorus and calcium plus a host of other nutrients. Also contains glucosamine which can promote regrowth of collagen even after your early twenties.
  7. Great for your skin, hair and nails. Brings natural shine to your hair and lustre to your nails. Your skin is given a natural moisturising through the influx of collagen, from the inside out – the healthy way.
  8. Because glycine is found in broths, it is often used to help promote healthy sleep and helps to reduce stress and anxiety.
  9. Broth helps to heal leaky gut syndrome (by protecting and healing the mucusal lining of the digestive tract through collagen)
  10. They have some great books too. Hey, I recognize the book (Dirty Diets) that Jackie is holding up.
    They have some good books. Jackie holds up Dirty Diets written by Brad King.


    It tastes fantastic and helps suppress your appetite before a meal helping you lose weight naturally.

What’s not to love?

Location: 235 East Broadway (between Main & Kingsway – parking in back if you’re lucky).

Store #: 604.876.8755

Do you have anything like this in your city?


Mensch Jewish Delicatessen (they do take-out) 666 E Broadway, Vancouver (Mount Pleasant)
Hey, this is not to say I’m trading in my morning cuppa for broth.  Some things are not meant to become substitutes.

Photos: d. king



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