Entertainment/Food: Encore

Everybody appreciates a good ENCORE

Yes please!

The latest concept in entertainment/club dining is at Rogers Arena.  I was lucky to be a guest last Friday night for Stevie Nicks, the legendary Fairy Godmother of ROCK on her 

24 KARAT GOLD TOUR stop in Vancouver.

I knew I was invited to the show but never expected the space to be so impressive.  And it’s a really good thing I didn’t have dinner beforehand because they said there would be food but…they never mentioned there would be so much. The new large room suite is only one month old. It is a complete renovation, redesign and upgrade of the former “Centre Ice Grill” with premium service and all the fine touches exclusive membership has to offer. Such as:

Our sushi chef
Our sushi chef
Our wine
Our wine at the well lit bar
a few of the available platters


Picture this – you’re sitting in the comfort of a wide-back chair with a plate of food and a glass of wine in front of you while watching and listening to the best entertainment to pass through Vancouver, B.C.  It really doesn’t get much better!

dessert table
dessert table

The area has comfy leather sofas to lounge on, walled fireplaces, tables overlooking the arena and four chef attended stations offering an abundance of mouth-watering dishes.  The club is open for monthly/yearly membership and included in the exclusive fee package is fresh & exquisite rotating menus.  Wine & Liquor is extra.

Oh wait…as an added bonus to an otherwise perfect evening the Pretenders opened up for Stevie Nicks.  I forgot about how many great songs they have.  And Chrissie Hynde’s voice is a good as ever – love her voice!

Come again? Encore is the perfect name for the watering hole because once you come here you definitely want to repeat the experience. It’s the rock concert equivalent of flying First Class.  Once you experience it you cannot don’t want to ever go back.

The thing about music is that it evokes so many memories and the thing about all the other stuff is:foodart1

stevie1Now I’m ruined for all other concerts.

Her ENCORE (following Rhiannon) is one of my favourite songs “LANDSLIDE“.  And she, as beautiful as ever.  (If you want to see a video clip please visit my Instagram feed @ https://www.instagram.com/girlwhowouldbeking/

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