Feel-good Friday: people are talking…

books and mindless chatter.  When you don’t want to take life too seriously…book1

Girls always want to have FUN

Talk is a hilariously irreverent and racy testament to dialogue: the gossip, questioning, analysis, arguments, and revelations that make up our closest friendships. It’s the summer of 1965 and Emily, Vincent, and Marsha are at the beach. All three are ambitious and artistic; all are hovering around thirty; and all are deeply and mercilessly invested in analyzing themselves and everyone around them. The friends discuss sex, shrinks, psychedelics, sculpture, and S and M in an ongoing dialogue where anything goes and no topic is off limits. Talk is the result of these conversations, recorded by Linda Rosenkrantz and transformed into a novel whose form and content put it well ahead of its time. Controversial upon its first publication in 1968, Talk remains fresh, lascivious, and laugh-out-loud funny nearly fifty years later. nyrb (New York Book Review).

This book makes total sense
I love fiction so this book makes total sense – read and learn!

Amanda Brooks tells us all about her twenty years in fashion, from being a it-girl, to an assistant to Patrick Demarchelier, to fashion director at Barney’s.  This book is honest, simple, personal, fun, and it answers lots of questions we’ve all asked about the fashion world.

And lastly….

Even in Vancouver?
Even in Vancouver?  I don’t think Parisians wear fleece.

Summer Reads: summer is not completely over yet, and what better way to pass the time at the beach but with one of these mindless stylish books.

Maybe I’ll write a book after all.

Style and Substance – with BOOKS

i want captions
No small feat to chic.  I didn’t say it would be easy.
This goes to prove the best body and the best wardrobe is unattainable
This goes to prove the best body and the best wardrobe is unattainable
J'Adore DIOR!
J’Adore DIOR

   I love books, I love coffee, I love  tables, I love style, I love books about style on coffee tables while drinking a cup.

Faking French can de done...with a little lots of help & a cigarette.
Faking French can be done…with lots of a little help & a cigarette.
Gotta love the Nerve!
Gotta love the Nerve!
Well at least I can read
Well at least I can read.  How will I manage to pull off this look with a Sheltie who walks with his nose to the ground?
Muses learn to develop style.  They are INspirations after all.  Think Kate Moss.
Muses learn to develop style. They are INspirations after all.  Think Kate Moss.