The Art of Bob Mackie 

What does Marilyn Monroe’s iconic “Happy Birthday Mr. President” gown, Carol Burnett’s “Went with the Wind” curtain-rod dress and Cher’s show stopping 1986 Oscars look have in common?  They’ve all been designed by the one and only Bob Mackie.

Mackie, the true fashion visionary and icon himself was in Palm Springs (actually he lives here) in person for his latest book signing…a first-ever comprehensive and authorized showcase of the legendary designer’s life and work featuring more than 1,500 photos and sketches – many from Mackie’s personal collection.

Duh; of course I was there!  I was one of the first to buy his latest book appropriately titled “The Art of Bob Mackie” as soon as I was alerted about it via bookstore email.  It’s a fashion lover’s dream book.

It’s just Fabulous!  The book signing was at “Just Fabulous” – a suitably named store here in Palm Springs (link below) specializing in extraordinary books, cards for all occasions and other fun items you won’t see anywhere else.  I dare you to walk in and come out empty handed – won’t happen!

I also bought a Christmas tree ornament and I don’t even have a tree.  You’ll see!  Maybe I’ll get a tree just to buy more ornaments.  Post to come…for me it’s still too early to be shopping and/or posting stuff to do with Christmas.

But getting back to Bob. Guess I’m not exactly on a first name basis with him after meeting him only once. But I feel like I know him. What I mean by that is I remember watching almost every episode of the Carol Burnett Show in my grandparents’ living room on almost every Saturday night for years.  And I remember watching the Sonny and Cher show with my parents. What does this have to do with Bob Mackie? Everything!  He was responsible for every costume for the entire production of the Carol Burnett Show and made all of the costumes for Cher after meeting both Sonny and Cher on the Carol Burnett Show.  And of course it doesn’t end there. From Broadway to Burlesque, his  wide ranging repertoire includes dressing every famous glamour girl and some of the guys for stage, TV, movies and concerts with unique, incomparably stunning and sometimes hilarious creations.

I missed meeting Bob Mackie at the vintage market even though he was there on his own and it wasn’t announced.  He was there and I was there but I really wasn’t there because it was after a pride party the night before so don’t ask so I missed meeting him then.  But I got to tell him at the book signing that I unexpectedly and surprisingly came across a few of his designs at the market (which has expanded since the last time I was here) which I had never seen before.  And to my disbelief, he was completely unaware of that fact.  So I felt like we had a “moment.” A Mackie moment that I’ll remember for the obvious, but also for the fun outside the shop while waiting.









On the Outside looking Instyle






Monday Mood: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

THIS is gonna be good! 

Photo: DAZED Digital

See Margot Robbie (she was so amazing in I, Tonya) as Sharon Tate in Quentin Tarantino’s new film.

Information taken from

Quentin Tarantino’s next movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, will chronicle late 60s Los Angeles, following a struggling actor (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his stunt double (Brad Pitt) as they chase fame. The murder of Sharon Tate, Valley of the Dolls actress, model, and wife of director Roman Polanski, plays a major part in the film’s narrative.

Margot Robbie plays the late Sharon Tate, whose death at the hands of cult leader Charles Manson’s followers in 1969 shocked Hollywood and the world. The I, Tonya actor has now shared a first look at her character on set. She has long blonde hair worn in a similar style to Tate, with a black turtleneck, white miniskirt, and white go-go boots.

Tate – who was heavily pregnant – was murdered along with four others in the home she shared with Polanski, when four members of the infamous Manson family invaded. Manson demanded the attack after record producer Terry Melcher – who previously rented the house Tate was residing in – snubbed him over a recording contract.

Robbie previously told Indiewire that Tarantino was one of her “bucket-list directors”, and that “as long as I can remember, I’ve been a huge Tarantino fan.”

Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt shared an image of themselves in costume in set back in June. Tate reportedly appears as a neighbor. The cast also includes Burt Reynolds, Dakota Fanning, and Luke Perry among others.

The film is Tarantino’s ninth film, and his first since the Oscar-winning The Hateful Eight in 2015. The director has  previously discussed retiring after his tenth feature film.

The movie is scheduled for release before the end of July, 2019 by Sony Pictures.  The film was originally scheduled for release on August 9 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Tate–LaBianca murders.

This is a film worth waiting for.  An incredible director with equally incredible actors.



Monday Mood Board #11 

Happy Birthday Dad!

My dad, my dad & me, as a toddler with my parents

My dad died 25 years ago, only six months after my mom passed away.  I’ve been feeling very nostalgic lately, especially after having just lost my husband of 25 years (timing was good and bad the year we got married) and a close friend three months before him. But we humans do find strength and manage to carry on with our day and get through it, no matter how painful.

Allan King, my dad, was many things.  He was warm and generous with a wicked sense of humor and had an adventurous spirit. He loved kids and animals.  But he was also unconventional, complicated and restless. He loved a good card game and played for money. Red was his favorite color. He was extremely smart.  He skipped grades at school and as a result hung out with an older crowd.  He got bored easily. My mom always said she knew him better than he knew himself but even so, didn’t really know him.  Maybe that’s what kept them together.

He was born in Russia of Jewish descent and emigrated to New York as a young boy.  He spent many years in Manhattan before deciding to move to Ottawa, then Montreal, where he met my mother.  He loved everything Montreal.  He was friends with Lorne Greene (Bonanza + Wild Kingdom whom he met in Ottawa) and knew William Shatner. He knew a lot of people.

With my grandfather (mothers side) & their dog Prince.

His easy come, easy go carefree attitude was daunting to some, and at the same time  admirable, as he lived life on his own terms.

With my grandmother (mothers side) and my mom.

He got lots of speeding tickets and refused to wear a seat belt. He smoked but never touched alcohol (except for the occasional toast).

John Garfield

He was compared to handsome actor John Garfield (Postman Always Rings Twice…..)

I would stay up late and watch the Tonight Show and old movies with him, even though I should’ve been in bed.

Main thing I remember was that he cared about us and that’s really what mattered most.

I miss him and will celebrate him in spirit.






You can never go wrong with wearing classics. Things that look as good today as days gone by.  Things like…

LBD - Sophia wears a strapless like no other.
The LBD – Sophia wears a strapless like no other.  But we can give it a try.

The Jean Jacket
The Jean Jacket

For your viewing pleasure here are some of my all-time favorites along with the people wearing them.

The worn-in Leather Jacket
The worn-in Leather Jacket

The Tuxedo
The Tuxedo

The White Shirt (Victoria Beckham)
The White Shirt (Victoria Beckham)









Jennifer Hudson & Kate Hudson (no relation) wear it well.
Jennifer Hudson & Kate Hudson (no relation).

A single-breasted, belted wrap coat is a classic style that flatters curvy girls in all the right places (the belt defines your waist, the diagonal line of the lapels minimizes your bust and the A-line shape skims over your hips).  Kate Hudson is far from voluptuous but shows that a classic long wool coat looks great on everyone.  (If you’re petite, opt for a shorter version so it doesn’t overwhelm your frame). Plus, a good camel coat looks equally chic dressed up or worn with your favorite jeans.

The Cashmere Scarf
The Cashmere Scarf

The Ballet Flats (they don't necessarily have to be Chanel) but these are Très Chic
The Ballet Flat (they don’t necessarily have to be Chanel) but these are Très Chic


Perfect white T & Jeans
Perfect white T & Jeans

The Moto Jacket
The Moto Jacket

The Military
The Military

Of Course...Coco
The LBJ.  Of Course…Coco  

A twist on the Classics can't be all bad. Love the bag & distressed boots - Chanel.
A twist on the Classics can’t be all bad. Love the bag & distressed boots – both Chanel, Texas style.

A Classic wearing a Classic.....classily & sexily (is that a word?)
A Classic wearing a Classic.….sexy classisism!

More style on Pinterest

Art/Memorabilia/Nostalgia – For What it’s Worth


I’ve only been to two auctions in my life so far.  One was an art auction and the other a general auction where I purchased a carousel horse and a diamond tennis bracelet.  The bracelet was by accident….well sort of as I waved to someone I knew just at the time the bidding ended….with me getting the bracelet.  So crazy because I don’t even play tennis.  But at least it didn’t cost the person who ended up buying it for me a fortune.nostalgia2

Lately I’ve been watching Pawn Stars and it got me wondering about the many possessions of so-called memorabilia – some of it fascinating, some of it junky. Where does it originate, how do people end up with the stuff they end up with and what is it really worth?   More importantly, how do you evaluate what something is worth?

Then I read an article by Shawne MacIntyre for Montecristo magazine on unusual memorabilia and the auction block.  It is on the auction block that both Elvis Presley and Justin Bieber have something in common other than hordes of screaming girls and megahit singles.  In 2011, clippings of the Bieb’s hair was offered on eBay and sold for just over $40,000 USD.  But in case this makes you nauseous (as it did me) be placated by the fact that the proceeds went to an animal rehabilitation organization.  This is not the first time a star’s strands have been offered up for sale; Elvis’s locks have been sold for up to $15,000 USD over the years.  An enterprising personal stylist had been hoarding the hair.  In the hair clipping department I’m surprised that Elvis’s didn’t fetch more money.

It’s well established that baseball card trading has made some people very wealthy although I can’t understand why – mostly because I don’t know the players or the game very well.  Now I can see why Marilyn Monroe’s iconic “subway” dress sold for $5.6-million in a 2011 Beverly Hills auction but what I don’t get is Justin Bieber’s hair clippings being sold for over $40,000.  While the baseball card market continues to thrive (since the 1800s) star memorabilia has been growing steadily over the last few decades.

Here’s an interesting fact: In 2009 an American widow by the name of Elsie Poncher sold her husband’s burial spot which was in a prime location – directly above film legend Marilyn Monroe (Westwood Village Memorial Park, Los Angeles) so that she could pay off her mortgage. This of course after the exhumation of her husband….and we didn’t ask where he went after that.  The ad read:

“Here is a once in a lifetime and into eternity opportunity to spend your eternal days directly above Marilyn Monroe.”   It sold for $4.6-million in an eBay auction.  In fact the person occupying the address right now is looking face down on her.

There seems to be a healthy market in the trade of everything from baseball cards to paper contracts to antique jeans.  If there is a seller, there is a buyer, and often at surprising values.  The reasons why people collect sundry objects of daily life vary from investment opportunities to association with greatness to nostalgia and historical value.  Sometimes the owners of Pawn Stars have to call in an expert to evaluate an item they don’t know too much about to determine the value.  Which brings me to question how anyone can correctly know the worth of a certain item – or is it just a guestimate? It’s very interesting. And people will pay any amount they can afford (or not) to obtain what they want because….

People’s fascination with the lives of others means there will always be a collectibles and memorabilia market. 

Now if only I could get my hands on Audrey Hepburn’s black strapless dress (not that it would fit) or even her cigarette holder from Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Jackie O’s Oversize sunglasses.  In a perfect world – what joy that would bring!