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A new beauty launch.  This time by actress-turned-CEO Jessica Alba as she branches out, adding a beauty line to her Honest Company, known for its eco-friendly household and baby products. honest3

Jessica Alba didn’t build a $1 billion company by playing it safe.

The Honesty Company has turned Jessica, 34, into a bona fide entrepreneur – and a rich one at that – and now the gorgeous mom-of-two is set to sell a new line of cosmetics from the all-natural and organic-focused brand.

The Instagram account for Honest Beauty launched and started teasing the new line a week ago, but yesterday the brand shared a sneak peek at the upcoming collection.

Take a first look at the development of our color collection,’ reads the caption under the snap, which features pink and red-pigmented products that appear to be lip glosses and blush powders.

Pretty pigmants: The brand's Instagram account shared this image teasing the line's offerings
Pretty pigmints: The brand’s Instagram account shared this image teasing the line’s offerings

The cosmetics will likely be marketed as eco-friendly, safe, and sustainable, which are all major tenets of the company and characteristics that Jessica has been vocal about in the past.

‘There’s a real need for beauty products that aren’t like piling dirt on your face, are healthy and don’t make you sick but actually work and feel luxurious,’ she told earlier this year.

Jessica opts for natural or non-toxic makeup products that are free of the following ingredients:makeup1So do I.  Look forward to seeing what the products are like.  I’ll probably be falling for some come Fall.

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