Style: chic feet

Maybe it’s the influence of a fashionable friend visiting from London or maybe it could be that I’ve always found LONDON WOMEN have a look (aka the London Look) that’s a bit more edgy or funky (for lack of a better word because groovy is what really comes to mind) over the rest of us. I admire the way they experiment with clothing and accessories and manage to pull off something more avant-garde and make it chic and fun. it’s not necessarily anything trendy or something we’re so used to seeing. Which leaves us wondering…hmmm how did she pull it off?  For this post we look to the feet.

Feet found on the streets of London during Fashion Weekunfortunately not by me.


Photos: Vogue (UK), Buro (but chosen by me from plenty more images).

style – a shoe in

Just an assortment of practical shoes that caught my eye

These shoes brought the spark back to me
These shoes brought a twinkle to my eyes
Feathers & Fringe are in
Feathers & Fringe are in and we’re going steady with some Studs 
Love these Valentino Rock Star Stud heels and flats
Love these Valentino Rock Star Stud heels and flats
These would be perfect warm comfortable walking shoes
These would be warm comfortable walking shoes furever.  They put the fun back in FENDI.
Suddenly I feel like dining and dancing
I’m gettin my spark back – suddenly I feel like disco dancing
I would not be running very far, only fashionably on foot wearing these
I would not be running very far, only fashionably on foot wearing these
While you make up your mind relax, sit back and have a cocktail or two...then let your credit card do the rest
While you make up your mind relax, sit back and have a cocktail or two…then let your credit card do the rest
Where there's shoes, there's bags. The Fringe Festival is on.
Where there’s shoes, there’s bags. The Fringe Festival is on.

Glamour & Glitz – take me to the Ritz!

What’s your foot fetish this season?

Photos: d. king

Where: Nordstrom Vancouver

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style – loafing around

 To LOVE or to LOATHE – that is the loafer

Really, how do you feel about loafers?

the totally CooL GIRL
the totally CooL GIRL – cat eye frames, leopard, birkin, loafers???

Gucci Horsebit
Gucci Horsebit Loafers – a CLASSIC!

There’s so many things you can say about them….sure, they’re comfortable, sure they’re practical,  they bring out your manly side (if you’re a woman) and your womanly side (if you’re a man – kidding!), your love of all things equestrian (even though you can’t remember the last time you were on a horse), and they look good with.…..with what? I’m referring to the original Gucci horsebit although there are plenty of other equally unattractive ones out there.gucci6

When I wore mine the other day a friend commented that it looked like something Martha Stewart might wear.  No offense Martha, but I would prefer to be compared to your cooking style more than your clothing style.  It’s not the same as saying “it’s something Kate Moss would wear” (even though Kate has been seen wearing them on occasion – I did the research).  Well guess what? They’re baaack in a big way…but slightly updated with different colours, patterns (including leopard) and a cool studded version (ohhh studs!).  Does that make them cooler?

he says "I love you even with your loafers"
he says “I love you even with your loafers”

So, what do you think?  Love them or Leave them? I’d like to know.






style sneakers – a few good soles

sneak4 - Copy


When you need to take a break from sky-high heels, go out for a stroll or run around town (but not literally because that’s an entirely different shoe) – check out these CHIC SNEAKS:bazaar1

From Left to Right:

Sperry Top-Sider for Jeffrey:

Fuchsia Slip-On Pony Hair Sneaker.  $150                       Python Leather Sneaker.  $175                                       Leopard Slip-On Pony Hair Sneaker. $150                       Cobalt Pony Hair Sneaker.  $150

Zebra Pony Hair Sneaker.  $150

Superga Sneakers
Superga Sneakers

And then there’s SUPERGA
from Italy…sneak3

 S U P E R








Visit my SHOE BOARD on Pinterest  Keep in mind that this is a work in progress.


Personally…it’s not too difficult letting go of some things

Like shoes, clothes, accessories, etc.

Right now I want to talk about space.  I don’t mean outer space (that was another post) but things that take up valuable space in our closets.  Okay, my closet specifically but I can bet I’m not alone.  I just did my annual Spring wardrobe cleanup and found the following:

This went into the "what was I thinking" pile.  Too big even with all the inserts -n but it was the last pair.
This went into the “what was I thinking” pile. Too big even with all the inserts – but it was the last pair.  I tried.  My sister loves them.

Several pairs of shoes that I have not worn in years and a couple pairs I wore only once (maybe twice).  A few necklaces, belts, earrings and a certain bracelet I wanted to wear all winter long.  It was stashed away very neatly in a box under another box holding a pair of very lovely seasonal shoes – but I didn’t wear them because I couldn’t remember where I put them.  I’m much more organized now but it really made me think…..about all the stuff we store.  That doesn’t mean something else won’t replace what will soon be given away, it just means more thought will go into the next purchase (which won’t be for a while – at least a week).

Too pointy - never worn
Too pointy – never worn. Kitten heals can be iffy.

So, can we stop and think for a moment about how many shoes we women (and come on, some men too) own compared to how many of them we actually wear? By that I’m referring to every single pair in our closet.  How many times have we bought a pair

once worn - now in sisters closet.
once worn – now in sisters closet.

of shoes/ boots/sandals/flipflops (have I left anything out?) only to discover they don’t fit as properly as we thought (or hoped they would), don’t really go with anything we have, or just feel plain

Steve Madden (remember Wolf of Wall Street?) but they're cute Mary Janes.  Haven't decided.
Steve Madden ?(remember Wolf of Wall Street?) but they’re cute Mary Janes. Haven’t decided.

uncomfortable when we got home? Then they sit in our closet taking up space.  You can see from the photos some of the ones that didn’t make it back into my closet.  I must remember that I live in Vancouver and walk everywhere, but I grew up in Montreal with fashion at my fingertips and it never left, even after having moved out West.

Uncomfortable yes, but so chic.  Keepers!
Uncomfortable yes, but so chic. Keepers!
These are Gucci - they look remarkably similar
These are Gucci – they look remarkably similar

While I’m on the subject, another thing I’m letting go of (when the current subscriptions run out) is my obsession with magazines.  I recently discovered flipboard (app for cellphones) but right now my U.S. mailbox (which I failed to visit for a few months) was overflowing and I really don’t like the idea of lots of paper lying around – taking up more space. magazines

Oh, before I forget, my phone has two accessories that a friend brought back from China.  It’s the latest craze in Japan too.  They dress up my cell phone (kind of like a scarf

Samsung with dangly cat & tassles - cute, no?
Samsung with dangly cat & tassles – so unnecessarily cute .


does for a purse). It just makes it a bit more difficult to take a photo – know what I’m talking about?

Have you seen them?




personally…appreciating the Shoe Horn

It may sound crazy but I’m starting to realize the value of keeping a few on hand.shoehorn4

Preventing shoe crush – Why deteriorate the backs of your shoes by sloppily slipping your heel in? Shoe horns are great because they protect the backs of your shoes and make it easy to get into snug slip on dress shoes.shorhorn1

 A lot of people do not appreciate how important a shoe horn is.  I was one of those people until recently when I tried to slip into my old loafers without the help of my horn (which was nowhere in sight) and the heel got all crunched up.  Shoe horns have been around forever and most people have one but never use it.

this one resembles a golf club
this one resembles a golf club

If you don’t use a shoe horn then there are two ways of putting a shoe on. 1) You can either, stick your finger in to the back and pull it on to your foot, stretching the shoe, or you can go for the worst of all options and 2) try to put your shoes on with no hands (my loafer style), sliding your feet in and crushing the counter as you do so. Both ways are going to cause damage to the counter. This is actually very serious and no good for the health of the shoe.The counter is extremely important for the structure of the whole shoe, if it is damaged and loses its stiffness then the whole shoe will lose structure and no longer fit correctly or offer good support. A firm counter supports your heel and arch and reduces over-pronation. Pronation being the flexing of the ankle. Over-pronation stresses the tissues around your ankle and foot which will lead to various foot conditions including flat feet and heel pain. Doesn’t sound too sexy does it?

Now I believe having at least one shoe horn handy by the front entrance should be mandatory and especially if you ask people to take off their shoes before entering your home.


Did you like going down slides as a kid? Well with a shoe horn your feet can go down a little slide every time you put your shoes on.

Gentlemen love them.

The metal ones are the best because they will last forever and have the added advantage to open your paint tins or beer bottles.

shorhorn3I like these elegant long versions in a fashionable color – so you can stand while putting shoes on.  You can match them to your shoe color.

A “how to” video for dummies:

Do you agree?