style – loafing around

 To LOVE or to LOATHE – that is the loafer

Really, how do you feel about loafers?

the totally CooL GIRL
the totally CooL GIRL – cat eye frames, leopard, birkin, loafers???

Gucci Horsebit
Gucci Horsebit Loafers – a CLASSIC!

There’s so many things you can say about them….sure, they’re comfortable, sure they’re practical,  they bring out your manly side (if you’re a woman) and your womanly side (if you’re a man – kidding!), your love of all things equestrian (even though you can’t remember the last time you were on a horse), and they look good with.…..with what? I’m referring to the original Gucci horsebit although there are plenty of other equally unattractive ones out there.gucci6

When I wore mine the other day a friend commented that it looked like something Martha Stewart might wear.  No offense Martha, but I would prefer to be compared to your cooking style more than your clothing style.  It’s not the same as saying “it’s something Kate Moss would wear” (even though Kate has been seen wearing them on occasion – I did the research).  Well guess what? They’re baaack in a big way…but slightly updated with different colours, patterns (including leopard) and a cool studded version (ohhh studs!).  Does that make them cooler?

he says "I love you even with your loafers"
he says “I love you even with your loafers”

So, what do you think?  Love them or Leave them? I’d like to know.






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