Style – Bucket List

I’ve always loved the bucket bag

Bags: Mansur-Gavriel Photo: Garance Doré
Bags: Mansur Gavriel,  large bucket $695  Photo: Garance Doré

and I don’t think they’ve ever really gone out of style.  Although right now it’s very “of the moment” and most designers seem to feature one. 

Seau St. Laurent medium $1,950
Seau St. Laurent medium $1,950

A friend of mine just bought one in a very neutral shade in between white and beige but now she’s not sure whether she wants to keep it.  Maybe after seeing these she’ll change her mind.

Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton

The timeless Noé bucket bag, created in 1932, has been reimagined sporting the original’s signature leather drawstring, as well as an extra-long strap for casual cross-body wear.

Louis Vuitton noé-bb
Louis Vuitton Noé-bb  $1,210 usd


Do you have a favourite?

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